3 Reasons Why Commercial Properties Need Fire Sprinkler Systems

Most commercial property owners and office managers will agree that fire protection is one of the key elements of preserving the safety of your employees and of your premises. Fire damage may cost you way more than prevention measures, so you should definitely make fire safety one of your top priorities. Even if you don’t care too much about it, the law will still demand you to meet a series of fire safety standards.

Fire Safety Protocols and Procedures

Unfortunately, statistics show that only 35% of all businesses have fire safety plans in place. This number should be much bigger, as all companies should seed the culture of fire safety in the minds of their employees. Everybody should know the fire safety procedures by heart, as this would increase their chances of survival in case of fire.

Can Commercial Fires Be Prevented?

Fire sprinkler system service is designed to help you control or put out a fire. They enable you to contain a fire until the arrival of firefighters or even extinguish it completely. While standards fire hoses are able to release 80 to 125 gallons of water per minute, “quick response” water sprinklers release only 24 gallons per minute.

Most of today’s commercial and office buildings have fire sprinkler systems for the prevention of fire damage. Nonetheless, very few people understand how important these systems are in case a fire starts. There’s solid evidence that shows sprinkler systems are way more effective than people believe them to be.

If you are currently considering purchasing new fire sprinkler systems, here’s how they can benefit your building in case of fire:

  • Sprinkler Systems Don’t Make Mistakes

A recent study conducted on fires has shown that fire sprinkler systems operated in more than 90% of all fire occurrences large enough to trigger the activation of the systems. In other words, the sprinkler systems worked nine times out of ten. The most common reason sprinkler systems fail to operate is the lack of maintenance. This shows, once more, the importance of having your sprinkler systems periodically inspected and repaired if needed.

  • Fire Sprinklers Can Cut Your Potential Losses in Half

Everybody knows that fires can cause significant damage to both building structures and people trapped inside. A recent study has demonstrated that automatic fire sprinklers can cut potential losses in half when used in conjunction with early fire warning systems. This is quite a big gain, so you can’t overlook it.

  • Fire Sprinklers Can Save Lives

Perhaps the biggest thing that fire sprinklers can do is contribute to saving the lives of people who are trapped inside the buildings during fires. A study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association has shown that there has been no evidence of more than two human casualties inside of a building featuring an automatic sprinkler system that was fully functional.

All these being said, you can easily see that maintaining a fully operational sprinkler system is one of the most important fire protection elements for a commercial building. If your building already has such a system in place, you should check that your fire alarm inspections are up-to-date and all equipment and systems are perfectly functional. Fire alarm inspections done right can make the difference between life and death, so do yourself a favour and check your equipment thoroughly.

A reliable commercial fire sprinkler and alarm system can help you protect your building and improve the safety of your employees. By combining your commercial fire sprinkler system with an early warning system, you can cut the potential property damage and life losses by 50%. Commercial fire sprinkler systems can save your property and your employees from disaster.