5 Great Van Security Tips

A works van is a valuable asset, together with the contents. It is a means of making a living, so security is hugely important.


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When purchasing your van, make sure it has a good range of security features. Decide whether or not you need glazed rear doors. Although they offer better visibility when driving, they can be a security risk as the contents of your van are visible. If you have a van with rear windows, consider covering them with mesh or metal window grilles – or a cheaper solution would be plywood panels or silver window foil. Also, a solid bulkhead between cab and loading area keeps everything out of sight and is an excellent means of security, securing the front cab area from the rear load area.


Check that your van has an alarm and immobiliser. A standard system should be Thatcham Category 2 approved. If you only have a basic system, there are advanced electronic alarm systems or vehicle tracking devices.


When parking up at night, park in your garage or drive where you can fit motion-detecting security lights. If this is not possible, always park your vehicle in a well-lit area underneath street lights. If possible, park with the rear of your van against a hedge or fence to prevent thieves opening your rear doors. Parking during the day can be just as risky, so park as near to the main entrance as possible.


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Always keep your van locked, even when just purchasing fuel. Opportunist thieves are always around. Make sure you have good-quality van locks, such as those from http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Security/Van-Locks, and a lock cover protection system to protect the lock from screwdriver-type attacks.


Your most important security aid is your van insurance. Unlike insuring a car, van insurance is a little more complicated. You not only have to decide upon whether to have third party insurance, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive, but you also have to cover the contents of the van in case you get broken into. Always read the small print to see what is actually covered. Make sure you are aware of any excess on your policy and whether you have breakdown and recovery cover and whether your policy covers a replacement van in the event of damage or theft.