5 HARMFUL Winstrol Side Effects for Men (Hair Loss & Libido)

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 Winstrol is classified as mild anabolic steroid that helps in building lean muscle mass and fat burn. It’s commonly known as Stanozolol and is a cheaper alternative to Anavar. Winstrol is very effective in women at low doses, is tolerable too and can be used in bulking cycle too. Men use Winstrol in cutting cycles which helps in burning fat and retaining the muscle gain and hardness. It is one of the best steroids preferred by body builders as it does not convert into estrogen.

Winstrol also works well for fat loss by enhancing the body’s way to burn fat naturally and hence one can see fast results in fat loss with Winstrol.

Winstrol being mils, it becomes the best option for women body builders to improve their strength and muscle apart from the natural fat loss.

All these reasons make Winstrol to be chosen for competitions.

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Side effects:

Just like any anabolic steroid, Winstrol also has some side effects even though it is a mild steroid. Special attention is required by women to check the side effects and to know their body’s tolerance level to Winstrol.

Some common side effects noted with Winstrol are:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Acne
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Swelling in ankle
  • Joint pains as they are dry

Women can experience Virilization and develop male type characteristics like male type baldness, deepening of voice, enlargement of clitoris, body hair etc. One may observe changes in libido as well.

Serious Side effects in men:

The dose of Winstrol that you take is the key for serious side effects that you may encounter.

  1. Winstrol can affect your cholesterol levels which are not good for the heart. Hence if you already suffering from cholesterol issues, Winstrol is not for you.
  2. Acne is another side effect that you may have. Though this is depending on your genetics, acne may happen on using Winstrol.
  3. Winstrol caused very bad hair loss. This also depends on your genetics because Winstrol may bind with DHT, a hormone responsible for hair loss.

4 Winstrol may cause gynecomastia which results in enlarged breast tissues etc. To avoid this, many people opt for the brand Winni V during bulking cycle. You can also include aromatase inhibitors to prevent conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

  1. Liver problem is another serious concern. These effects can be really toxic and may even damage your liver but it may discontinue after you stop taking Winstrol. Many take N2 guard with Winstrol to reduce liver, kidney and heart problems that come with Winstrol usage.
  2. When you take Winstrol, your testosterone production is also suppressed which may effect your sex drive and sperm count. Hence, you need to supplement with some testosterone supplements.
  3. Changes in the size of testicles may occur due to a condition called testicular atrophy. But the problems with testosterone and testicles should resolve once you stop taking Winstrol.