5 Men’s Shirt Trends For 2019 According to A Savile Row Tailor

Whether you’re looking for evening wear or something for your next board meeting, a quality dress shirt is the foundation of any smart outfit. However, formal menswear fashion trends have certainly changed over the years. Now sporting bold patterns and colours, men’s shirts have evolved far beyond the standard fresh white dress shirt. But what exactly does next year have in store for us?

2018 might not be over yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep ahead of the curve. So, here are five men’s shirts trends for 2019 that’ll help you nail the key looks. Make sure you’ve got some wardrobe space!

  1. Tartans Look Strong, Classic and Modern

Scotland’s most famous pattern is making a comeback, particularly for formal smart shirts. Cautious about taking on this bold print? Getting the look right won’t be difficult.

Start with solid colours in dark tones (e.g. navy, green or purple) as they’ll pair nicely with your wardrobe staples. Then, take it up a notch by using an item the same as one of the minor shades running through the tartan, perhaps a scarf or pair of socks.

You can create a formal look by pairing a tartan shirt with a plain suit. For example, a navy suit with a complimentary tartan shirt and brown brogues. But if a tartan shirt with a suit is out of your comfort zone, then pair one with some tailored trousers instead.

  1. Texture on Texture

A linen shirt is an excellent all-rounder as this natural fibre exudes ease – you can literally wear anything and feel stylish. However, the too-long linen shirt is definitely one ’dad’ staple we don’t want to see make a comeback. Instead, next year will be all about tailored, textured linen.

Opt for a well-cut version in textured pastel colours, such as sky blue, under a suit for a formal take. Going for a smart casual look? Choose a longer sleeve shirt tucked into chinos or smart trousers. If you’re a fan of short sleeves, then go for a cuff that sits your bicep instead of your elbow to take years off your outfit.

Although 100% linen is extremely breathable, it is prone to creasing. Not a fan of ironing? Get the best of both worlds by choosing a linen shirt that’s blended with another fabric. Yes, this might reduce the breathability slightly, but it will hang better, hold its shape for longer and be less susceptible to creasing.

  1. Stripes are back

This timeless, traditional print is set to once again become a wardrobe staple next year, but on a much larger scale. Far beyond the classic pinstripe, these vertical lines will be thick, bright and bold – perfect for any man wanting to make a statement.

Vertical stripes are the perfect illusion shirt. As the eyes are drawn to the detailing, they naturally wander up and down, making you appear slimmer and taller.

Want to ease into this trend? Choose a shirt with eye-catching stripes and pair with plain trousers. Striped shirts and herringbone suits also go hand-in-hand. But remember – the suit’s colour tone should always be darker! And if you’re in need of a more casual spring look, seersucker is the way to go.

  1. Multi-scaled Ginghams

A gingham shirt is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this tight check pattern into your wardrobe. However next year, we will be moving on from the traditional micro-check gingham to multi-scale variations.

For a classic dressy look, combos such as a red gingham shirt paired with a navy suit and brown loafers. But remember, if you’re wearing a tie, make sure it’s a darker colour than your gingham shirt to avoid washing out the pattern.

Fancy taking gingham to the next level? Start combining with other patterns to create a bolder look. The general rule is to make sure that the patterns you use aren’t the same size. For example, a gingham shirt and a plaid grey blazer or a wide striped black suit.

  1. Yellow is Important

From mustard to zingy lemon, chartreuse and fizzy sherbet, yellow is set to become the new accent shade for men’s dress shirts in 2019.

Often avoided, yellow is labelled as an impossible colour to pull off, but this isn’t true if styled well. The key is to anchor yellow with other neutrals – look to control the hue with surrounding pieces in blue, beige, brown, charcoal and white.

You can also surround yellow with patterns. A vibrant yellow shirt with plaid brown trousers and a tuxedo jacket paired with burgundy brogues will help the yellow shine without creating too much of a contrast.

Matching yellow and blue is also a no-brainer as they’re opposites on the colour wheel. A bright yellow shirt would do wonders with a royal blue suit – be wary of dark blues/navys as the contrast will be too high.