5 Signs Of A Truly Professional Boat Transport Company

For companies that offer boat transport by ship across the oceans, the task is not as easy as walking in a park, in any sense. Owning a ship capable of “taking in” other large watercrafts and transporting them to other parts of the world is not a simple job.home

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The costs of purchase and maintenance of such a ship are extremely high. This is added with the numerous difficulties that come with logistics and personnel involved.

All this obviously point towards the fact that while transporting your precious possession by a ship you should trust real professionals. How can you do that? How would you find a company best qualified to perform such a careful transport? What characteristics and features should you look for? Let’s see.

1. Truly Professional Boat Transport Companies have Personnel Holding the Required Licenses

Personnel engaged in boat transport by ship, also called skippers, should possess all the required licenses. They also should have an extensive experience required to perform quick and safe transport, even if the crew is small.

Only if there are specialised personnel in the company, there is a guarantee of transports that can cover huge distances, like going from a part of Pacific or Atlantic to the other.

2. Truly Professional Companies Possess a Sailing License and Safety Certificate

A regular sailing license and a safety certificate, as well as the related insurance and legal apparatus, is essential for the transport of boats by ship when the boats are less than 24 metres long.

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3. Seriously Professional Companies have All Types of Reserves for Repairs

One of the main hazards that a company providing boat transport by sea faces while crossing the oceans is the damage to the equipment. Bad climate, humidity of the sea weather and salt spray all work to harm of the equipment. Hence it’s always a good idea to perform daily checks so as to stay safe from any serious damage caused to the boats that are being transported.

If the company you are considering for the job is truly professional, it will carry all types of stocks for repairs. Also, it will also have personnel that are trained, qualified and expert in carrying out daily maintenance and repair, in the case of damage.

It’s recommended to make sure always that the ship is attached to your boat. Moreover, when the sea is extremely choppy or rough, relying on autopilot can be risky for the boat being transported, which could be severely harmed at the wrong moment.

4. A Truly Professional Company Takes Care of the Transport Meticulously at Every Step

A company providing boat transport by sea cannot be called truly professional and qualified if it is not able to take care of the boat throughout the transport at every step. Normally, a captain is supposed to be responsible for loading and transporting the boat from the marina up to the boarding port. The job of a surveyor is to check the status of the watercraft prior to its loading and taking care of any critical matters.

Once the boat has been loaded, a company offering skilled boat packing in Sydney like Marine and Auto Depot will offer an expert report featuring photographs, in both digital format as well as hard copy.

Every watercraft that is to be transported should be cautiously shrink wrapped in thermoplastic material and equipped with cradles.home

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5. Extensive Assistance from Other Agents

If the company you have chosen is truly professional, it will normally enlist a specialised agent located at the destination ports and who is able to assist with discharge and delivery procedures. For getting an improved customs assistance at the final stage of the boat transport, this support is essential.

A truly professional company plans all the discharge and delivery procedures well in advance, to the smallest details.

Choose such a company so that you can be free from stress about the transport of your valuable asset.