6 Top Party Ideas for Your Birthday this Year

Partying is hard, even if you’re good at it, but setting up one is even harder. It can be daunting to arrange the guest invites and booking the venue never mind all of the specifics that you’ll need to make it feel like an actual party. You don’t want to end up with a group of people gathered in a random place using their imaginations to fuel the event. Not to worry, there are lots of great ideas that you can take away, mixing and matching for you and your pals to have the best time that’s right for your budget.


  • Make it colourful

Open your colourful side and splash it all over the venue, with balloons, lights, lasers, floats and much more. You can pick these up at most supermarkets or local shops, so you won’t struggle to find the supplies you need, even if you’re doing it at short notice. If you’re struggling to get everything together, don’t forget that you can ask some friends to help out and pick up some last-minute supplies!

  • Choose an interesting location

Choose somewhere people will be excited about when they receive the invitation. You could throw your party out of town somewhere unfamiliar, and if it’s a big birthday and you’re only invited a select few friends, you could even go abroad for the occasion. Why not hire party boats and watch everyone instantly feel a sense of adventure?

  • Play good music

Hire a DJ or make your own playlist if you’re trying to keep costs down for the party. Throughout the night, make your guests aware that they can ask to have their favourite songs played if they like. This will allow everyone to feel more involved in the party, and it’s always a great moment when your requested song is played throughout the venue for everybody to dance and sing along to.

  • Organise a karaoke

Everyone will vow not to take party in the karaoke, but once the drinks are flowing and they’re all feeling a bit tipsy, it won’t be long before they’ve got hold of the microphone and somebody else is trying to grab it off them. Make sure there is a large selection of karaoke hits to choose from so that everyone likes something off the list.

  • Have the drinks ready

If you’re throwing an elegant party or you want people to come dressed for a black tie event, make sure you have arrival drinks for your guests to enjoy. This will get them more relaxed and loosened up right from the start, which is the best way to get your party going and not waste any time!

  • Ask your friends for help and ideas

It might be your birthday http://www.northwindmagazine.com/?s=party party, but don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help and advice along the way. Your best friends will be more than happy to help you, and everybody is excited about a party, so they’re hardly going to say no.