8 Hands-On Career Ideas

For some people, a job that allows you to get your hands dirty every now and again is far more appealing than the average office job. If you envision yourself tackling tasks in a hands-on manner throughout your career, it’s time to start exploring your options. There are plenty of fascinating jobs out there that will allow you to work physically with your hands without sacrificing the use of your brain.chef

  1. Work in construction. While it may not seem very glamorous, the construction industry offers the ideal solution for young people who have more interest in working creatively and making things happen in real time. It can also be lucrative and offer a solid and progressive career path. If you’re interested in working on construction sites or specialising in a particular aspect of this industry, you should get started with a certificate iv in building and construction, then work your way up from there.
  2. Play with fire with welding and metalwork. The welding and metalwork industry is a vast and varied field with plenty to offer anyone who wants to work with their hands (although you’ll need some gloves to cover them first). Welders can be self-employed, work on construction projects, travel and work in shipfitting, and design their own creative projects if they’re more artistically minded.
  3. Massage people back to health. For those that want to get literal with their hands-on career, massage therapy is a great option. Massage therapists help a wide range of clients with a variety of health problems, using touch and massage to assist in relaxation and healing.
  4. Build beautiful furniture. Carpentry is an ancient profession, and one that still offers a successful career path in today’s world. Carpenters can specialise in a particular design field like furniture or housing construction, or try their hand at a range of styles before settling down. The best way to get into the business is to work as an apprentice with an expert while taking a few educational courses.
  5. Fix up cars as a mechanic. Car mechanics work on vehicles, dealing with whatever problem the car is having and bringing it back to a road-worthy condition. Mechanics can be self-employed or work as part of a larger company, and have the opportunity to specialise in a particular car type or model as they progress in their career.
  6. Cook up a storm. Anyone with a passion for food and a desire to get into a hands-on career should consider becoming a professional chef. After studying the culinary arts, you can work your way up in the kitchen environment, learning from more experienced chefs and discovering all there is to know about food.
  7. Play with electricity. Electricians take care of the electrical wiring in peoples’ homes, businesses, and public buildings, making them an invaluable member of society. They can also earn a respectable income, so it’s a sensible job opportunity if you’re looking to do something physical and stimulating while making some cash.
  8. Care for the sick. You don’t have to become a doctor to care for ill people. Nurses work on a hands-on basis with all sorts of patients, and provide much-needed care to those in need. This rewarding is certainly demanding, but equally fulfilling.