Advantages of Summer Day Camps in Chicago

When it comes to summer day camps Chicago is full of options. With a metro population around 9.5 million, Chicagoland has dozens of organizations offering summer day camps, including community centers, colleges and universities, churches, and private schools. It’s not hard to find a camp (or five!) tailored to your child’s specific interests and skills. But why consider summer day camps in the first place? What advantages do summer day camps Chicago offer for your child or children? Here are four to consider as you begin looking at your summer plans.


1. Summer Day Camps Foster Learning

You believe it’s important for your children to continue learning through the summer months. You don’t want your kids to waste the summer solely on TV and video games. General summer day camps offer a great mix of exercise, exploration, learning, and fun. And for middle school students you can look for academically focused specialty camps or STE(A)M camps. These can nurture your child’s specific academic interests and help bridge the gap between school years.

2. Summer Day Camps Are Fun!

It’s simple: kids love camp! As fun as it is, traditional, weeks-long sleep away camp isn’t quite right for everyone. But many summer day camps take as their model the activities and structure of traditional sleep away camps. Your kids will have a blast, and best of all they’ll come home at night having spent all that pent-up energy without you.

3. Summer Day Camps Can Nurture Skills and Interests

Is your child passionate about sports? The outdoors? Art? Culinary arts? You can use specialty summer camps to invest in your child’s interests and even begin preparing them for college or a career. Specialized summer camps can give your child hands-on opportunities. This will help your child determine just how deep his or her interest goes in a particular field. These sorts of experiences can be hugely influential on your child’s future choices for courses of study.

4. Summer Day Camps Give You a Break

Last (but certainly not least!), consider your own needs this summer. We all love our kids, but for the primary caregivers out there summers can sometimes be just a little too much of a good thing. Break up the endless weeks of stretching your brain to the max trying to keep the kids busy. Sign up your kids for a week or two or three of day camps this summer and treat yourself to some you time. 

For many families, summer day camps Chicago are a great addition to the summertime. Consider booking your child into some summer day camps today. Your children will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself, too.