Advice for Writing a Great Best Man Speech

When you go to a wedding, you’ll find several guests who are eagerly waiting for the speech from the best man. Why is this? Because it seems that only on this special occasion, guys tend to get more sentimental and open. For example, the best man sharing good memories of the groom and explaining why he’s such an important friend just has a way of tugging at everyone’s heartstrings.

This is why the best man should really take the time to think about what he’s going to say. And if you are that best man, you are in good company. Consider the following advice a basic guide to delivering the best speech a best man can give, and make the wedding even more memorable. Additionally, you’ll get some tips on how to approach the speech and avoid embarrassing statements.

Basic Info on Writing the Speech

A good place to start is to consider your audience. In this case, your audience consists of people who are happy and celebrating a wedding. They are in the mood to laugh and shed some happy tears, which indicates the direction you should go in.

Keep the speech fun, light-hearted, and even a little thought-provoking. But keep in mind that people will remember more about the person who gave the speech than what was said. So, while you choose your words carefully, don’t forget to relax and try to connect with your audience via the following suggestions.

Make an Impression

Naturally, leaving a good impression is easier said than done. And it usually requires a manner of skill to really captivate an audience. But also remember that all it takes is the first line of your speech to grab attention.

Don’t worry, there are many ways you can grab attention. Some common examples would be a tasteful joke, metaphors, analogies, and even coming up with something completely unexpected can work too. Whatever you do, the right timing to say something helps to keep your audience entertained.

Stay Confident and Natural

You are not participating in a competition and nobody’s life is depending on how well you give a speech. So, there is no reason to be nervous or tense. If you say the wrong word, the world isn’t going to end.

The idea is to relax, take a breath, and be confident in what you are going to say. More specifically, be connected to your speech. Becuase if you can’t connect to it, your audience won’t either.

Ways to Approach the Speech and Presentation

Now that you have a basic understanding of how a speech should be handled, it’s time to go into a little more detail. These include:

Use Jokes With Caution

“As mentioned earlier, a joke at a wedding needs to be tasteful. In other words, you don’t want to show any disrespect to the happy couple or their guests. If you are not sure about how the joke will land, simply don’t use it. And stay away from anything that bashes the sanctity of marriage,” say a stag do organiser at The Spain Event from his own experience.

You Are Not the Center of Attention

Even though you have the spotlight for a few seconds, there’s a reason for it. You are there to tell the guests more about the groom and his special day, not get into your own biography. So keep the speech interesting, short, and on topic.

Don’t Drag It Out

Several people have to make speeches at a wedding. Now imagine if all of these speeches carry on for twenty or thirty minutes. Simply put, the speech doesn’t need to be longer than five minutes and the guests will thank you for it.

Include the Bride

It is recommended to make the bride part of the speech. Whether you have a great relationship with her or you don’t get along, the important thing is that your friend is happy.

Topics You Shouldn’t Mention

  • The groom’s ex-girlfriend
  • Divorce, in general
  • Sex
  • Kids (unless you know for a fact both the bride and groom want kids right away)

Don’t Swear

While it seems rather obvious that the best man shouldn’t be swearing through the speech, it’s important to make a note as a reminder.

Keep It Positive

If nothing else, make sure everyone feels good about the speech when you end it. This is also a good trick to stay memorable after the wedding is over.

All that is left now is for you to put pen to paper and write that speech.