Bali Holidays: Suggestions for a Fabulous Trip

If you’ve already booked your trip to Bali, you know what the basics will be: swimming in blue waters, drinking exotic cocktails on a beach, maybe practicing a water sport, sampling the bustling nightlife and diving into the island’s cultural traditions. To take your holiday to the next level, you can include some activities that will totally spice up your time in Bali.3

  1. Take up cooking classes

Local restaurants, cultural centers, touristic farms or traditional villages offer cooking classes for tourists. If you become a fan of Balinese cuisine, you can learn how to recreate those amazing meals at home and have fun while doing so. You can do this together with other visitors and bond with them, as well as with locals.

  1. Enjoy a private pool

The best Bali family villas have modern private pools. It’s the kind of pampering we’ve all been dreaming of, haven’t we? Considering that the prices for luxury accommodation tend to be affordable in Bali, then why not allow yourself to have this experience? If you’re willing to make a splurge though, you may want to book a place with an infinity pool. Luxury amenities are widely available to tourists in Bali.

  1. Try out a spiritual retreat

While in Bali, there’s something that happens and makes us want to look deeper into ourselves and seek for replenishing spiritual experiences. Look for retreats in natural, secluded regions – you can find a special spiritual oasis where you can relax and replenish. While doing so, you will also have access to healthy organic food and juices.

  1. Discover Bali modern design

Traditional Balinese art is fascinating, but did you know that local artisans and designers are also immensely skilled when it comes to modern esthetics? Visit a contemporary gallery or better, a design workshop. You can watch others working and might learn a thing or two. Choose whichever you like: jewelry making, architecture, sculpture, etc. Usually, you will see how locals transform natural materials, such as bamboo, into amazing works of art or into functional objects. You will also have the possibility to purchase such objects.

  1. Take a swim with sharks

The clear waters around the coast are home to diverse and colourful sea life. Besides the usual creatures, you can also encounter sharks – in a highly controlled environment, of course. Sign up for the thrilling experience if water sports do not satisfy your need for adrenaline. All equipment is provided and you will even be allowed to take photos underwater.

  1. Climb up to a volcano crater

If generally you are a daredevil and an explorer at heart (or you would like to be), book a tour that takes you to the slopes of Mount Batur. Give yourself enough time. Expeditions begin early in the morning. Climb all the way to the peak, view the volcano up close and the stunning panoramic views. Also, you may take a boat across the lake formed in its crater and visit the nearby village.

It’s always worth it to do that “little extra” in Bali. When you’re living far from the Indonesian paradise island and you can’t visit it as often as you like, it would be a shame not to travel the extra mile and tailor a magnificent holiday for yourself.