Bay Area Living – Shutters on Bay Windows

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Bay windows offer gorgeous panoramic views for property owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Why then, would anyone put shutters on their bay windows? One of the biggest reasons is to help make a home more energy efficient. In this blog, we talk about the benefits of shutters on bay windows and why you might consider adding them to your home. 

Boosting the Energy Efficiency of Windows by Using Shutters

Smart homes are positioned to take full advantage of the sun and that consideration is given to both heating and cooling. So, what happens if your home is not in the right position? For many homeowners, such a position means that the home gets too much sun in the summer and not enough in the winter. It all adds up to a hot house in the summer and a cool house in the winter. Well, Shutters on bay windows help with both problems. 

First, shutters are an excellent way to block incoming solar radiation that causes homes to get too hot in the summer. They can also help you to hold in heat during the cooler winter months. Most shutters on bay windows can be automated so that you can take full advantage of the light and warmth from the sun when you need it and shut it out when you don’t. 

Added Security

When you are away on vacation, shutters help to protect windows from all sorts of damage. Bay windows are large and when those strong seasonal winds start to rip through the East Bay shutters on bay windows help to prevent broken windows from flying debris. They can also help to reduce pitting from small grains of dirt and sand. Shutters also help to reduce the threat of intrusion from burglars. Some homes are located in remote locations where an alarm system might help, but help can also be a long way away. Shutters are a deterrent because they take longer to gain access and they also hide valuables from prying eyes. Crooks look for quick rewards with a minimal risk of being caught and shuttered windows increase the risk of getting caught while blocking tempting targets from sight. 

Putting shutters on your home’s bay windows helps on many levels. They can help reduce your energy bills, keep your home comfortable, and become an added layer of protection against physical damage while adding an extra layer of security to your home. For more information about how bay window shutters might improve your home, reach out to our professionals. We are local, family operated and are happy to answer your questions.