Benefits of Making Jewelry with Beads

Any piece of jewelry made using beads makes a wardrobe look more beautiful. These accessories match with any clothing you wear, whether formally or casually. Isn’t it amazing to wear something you have made? Here at Matubo we produce quality Czech pressed beads, just to make it possible for you to have quality beaded jewelry. In this post, we will explore the various benefits of making your jewelry from beads.

Before we dive in into the advantages, let’s take a look at the reasons people from all over the world wear beaded jewelry. Throughout all ages, people have always wanted to look beautiful. Wearing beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets or any other accessories made with beads is a usual fashion till date. But, some people don’t just wear beaded jewelry for beauty. Here are other reasons:

To signify a religious belief – some Buddhist and Chinese monks are known to wear jewelry made using beads to enhance ones look and for reasons bounded on their religious beliefs. For instance, it’s believed to help in attracting wealth, improving well-being or driving away evil spirits.

Worn for a ritual – some cultures and tribes around the world must wear jewelry with beads during some ritualistic ceremony in the community. Such accessories are vital and are only worn on such occasions. Also, many tribes in Africa and Asia wear beaded jewelry to look attractive, especially to the opposite sex.

So, why is it good to make your own jewelry using beads?  Whether you are a practical person or not, here are some reasons you need to consider:

It’s a prospective business venture – the ability to know how making any jewelry with beads is advantageous. You can use such skills to turn your hobby into a business and earn a living. You can even create job opportunities for others through your business.


Saves you money – any ready-made piece of jewelry is expensive. You have to spare a considerable amount of money to get just one single piece. But, if you choose to make the jewelry, you’ll not only make something you love, but also save money in the process.

It boosts your creativity – not everyone is contented with the unadventurous jewelry designs available in the market today. Some people use one design to make all the jewelry.  But you don’t have to be a victim of such circumstances anymore. All you need is to buy quality Matubo beads and then make the desired accessory yourself. You will never know how artistic you are unless you create your first piece. Start by using pressed glass beads, and you will notice how beautiful your jewelry will be.

Before you can create any jewel from beads, it’s important to learn some basic skills. You want your personal collection to be unique and beautiful, so your friends will want to know where you bought your jewelry from. You can show them how to design their beaded jewelry and possibly turn the hobby into a joint income generating project.

Was this article helpful? Did you learn something new? You can get your pressed beads from us at any time. Contact us for more details.