When is the best time to buy a new car?

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If you’re looking to buy a new car, you’ll probably be keen to get the best deal possible with car finance that works for you. There are tonnes of different car finance options you can consider, but have you ever thought about when the best time is to make your car purchase?

There can be real savings in store for you when you buy a car at certain times of year. Read our top tips to find out some of the best:

  • Think about the seasons

If you’re looking to buy a sports car or a convertible, try not to buy it in the middle of a heat wave in summer. Think about what cars are going to be most popular when – and try to avoid those times. The demand for roof down options will be far less in the winter season and you might get a much better price on it.

  • Target the end of the month

Did you know that dealerships often have to reach a specific sales target each month? This means that if they haven’t reached it by the end of the month they’ll often release offers and deals and your chances of getting a discount on your dream car could be increased.

  • Aim for the end of the financial year

Similarly, the end of the financial year often brings lots of offers and deals as car brands and dealers want to hit their sales targets and get the best financial figures possible for the year. Even if you don’t get a discount on your car at this point, you’ll generally be offered a bonus such as free roadside assistance or extra accessories.

  • Think about buying in December

New cars are often released at the start of a new calendar year. This means that dealers are often keen to shift the current year’s model in advance of this so you could get some excellent deals. If you wait until early January though, you may get even better clearance prices so it certainly pays to keep an eye on the car you’re after.

There are so many ways to save money on buying a car. Timing your purchase to ensure that you find the best space in the year can result in you saving hundreds of dollars, yet still getting the car of your dreams. Do your research and try to monitor prices as closely as possible.