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What Are the Best Ways to Clean Wood Flooring?

Wooden floors can look fantastic in any home, but they can be difficult to clean if you don’t have experience in this area. A new wooden floor will normally be straightforward, and the task will be to maintain its lustre. But if you have an older wooden floor, you might need to put more effort into repair as well as maintenance.


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Neutral PH Cleaners

Many wood floor fitters say you should wash the floor with a solution of vinegar and water or even oil soap. They might also try to sell you an expensive floor cleaning product. However, water-based products are by far the best products to use on a hard wood floor, as these are safest. The best cleaning product for cleaning a new floor finish is a cleanser with a neutral pH.

The lower pH cleaners are more acidic and will dissolve mineral deposits from hard water. Although vinegar can be good for cleaning many items in the home and is good for rinsing, it is not so good for removing grease from a wood floor. In contrast, a high pH cleaner is more alkaline and so can remove grease and dirt well. However, over time, the high pH cleaners will dull the finish of the floor.

Wood Wash Cleaning Agent

If you have engineered wood flooring from suppliers such as, you can keep it in its pristine condition by using a suitable cleaner. The right cleaner can maintain its original condition. Wood Wash is a good option for cleaning engineered floors, as this product is safe and biodegradable. Wood Wash can be bought in a concentrated formula to make large quantities of cleaning agent. It is best to vacuum the floor thoroughly first, and then spray the cleaner on the wood floor. Use a rag to clean and a drier rag to buff the floor dry.


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Prefinished Floors

If you have a prefinished floor, you should not wet-mop it because it does not have the special water-resistant coating. Unless you are sure your prefinished floor has had a water-proof coating applied, you should instead stick with a damp mop and dry cleaning cloths. A floor without a coating could allow water between the floorboards to damage the wood. You can scrub off any dirt with a non-abrasive white pad.