5 Life-Saving Tips When Your Car Battery Lets You Down At A Stop Street

You are going down the road quite happily, and you come to a stop street, and the engine just cuts out for no reason.  Ok, that is not normal but it can and does happen quite frequently.  All right, no need to panic, you just start up again and pull away, only the start motor solenoid doesn’t even make a ...

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Buy Your Dream Car for Stunningly Lesser Cost

If you have been putting off car purchase for quite some time fearing the  monetary commitment the purchase would put you into then it is high time that you wake up to the reality that you can buy best condition cars at a considerably lower rate. Used  cars are looked upon as the best option these days as it provides ...

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8 Reasons why you should buy extended warranty from Warranty and Insurance

Procuring an extended warranty for your new/used car is a vital part of responsible car ownership. When purchasing a new or used vehicle, it is important to ascertain whether the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, when it will expire, and whether there is any extended warranty cover for the vehicle you intend to purchase. What is an extended warranty? An extended ...

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