Child Custody Battles in Long Beach CA

Child custody battles and determining who would get custody of a child in the event of a breakdown in a parental relationship is a very stressful thing. The law exists to protect children, and ensure that the right person has the ability to make decisions and to take care of a child.

In most parts of the world, the terms ‘custody’ and ‘access’ have now been changed to focus instead on ‘residence’ and ‘visitation’ or ‘contact’. The idea, however, remains the same. Parents love their children, and it is unfair to the child and the parents to deprive them of contact with each other.

There is still the perception in many parts of the world that the mother is the one that should take care of the child. The idea of women as the central caregiver is a traditional one and in a lot of cases even today it is still true that the male in the relationship works the most and earns the most, so they pay child maintenance while the woman stays home to take care of the children. That is changing, slowly, though, and more and more men are winning child custody battles.

If you are a parent who is a part of a relationship that is breaking up, then it is important that you do everything that you can in order to protect yourself and your child, and to keep the relationship civil if possible.

The family law attorney in Long Beach CAlike Damian Nolan found at will assess who is in the best position – socially, financially and psychologically, to care for the child. They will take into account the wishes of the child. Resist the urge to try to manipulate your child or use the child as a “weapon” against your spouse no matter what they have done to you. Your goal should simply be to take care of them, and the courts will help you do that.