How to choose a climbing frame

Climbing is an important part of every child’s development. Gaining strength and building muscles while improving confidence and resilience is an important life lesson for future growth. It is very important that safe and robust climbing equipment is provided, but how do we select the right frame?


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Firstly, we must decide where the frame will be positioned and measure the space available, making sure there are no overhanging branches or obstructions. The frame should be at least two metres from your property boundary, with a space of two to two and a half metres both in front and behind the swings. There should be an additional one and a half metres unobstructed for safety and access purposes.


Discuss with your child what activities they are looking for – swings, slides, climbing nets, towers and monkey bars are just a few available options. If you are a handyman, you might want to build your own bespoke frame and a den for the children; if not, there are lots of options available to buy with full building instructions.


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Childrens wooden climbing frames from suppliers such as are available with swing sets and single or multiple towers. Climbing nets, ladders and wooden rungs are all things you can add on, giving your child an exciting selection of activities. Monkey bars are popular features – children can swing and hang like monkeys, which is a good way to build core strength and improve motor skills.


Climbing frames are generally supplied in wood and are designed for 3- to 14-year-old children. They are great fun and are designed to look attractive in any garden. For the smaller garden, there is a range of smaller playsets; in addition, there is a range for younger children.


Climbing frames have been around for generations. There used to be metal frames in the local parks, which differ greatly from the wooden designs of today. They help a child’s cognitive development through problem-solving and the feeling of fear and resilience, which are beneficial for your child’s growth and development. Having one in your own back garden gives your child the freedom to play at any time and provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their children are happy and safe. You are there to supervise, sit back and watch your children have fun.