Why choose medium duty shelving for a garage?

Today, garages are not just reserved to park the car; in fact, more people now use their garages for storing a wide range of items, from the children’s toys to garden equipment, DIY tools and old photographs. Finding a car in a garage is something of a rarity!


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According to the Telegraph, 90 per cent of British garages now do not contain a car, so using them for storage is far more common than it used to be.

Finding a way to make more room in your garage is always a priority. You do not want it to become a jumbled mess of goods of all descriptions thrown all over the floor.

One of the best ways of doing this, of course, is by fitting shelving. Shelving is the most efficient way of storing most things. It not only keeps your precious items off the floor, and therefore safe from damage from damp and rodents, but also enables you to find things easily when you need to use them.

Full potential

The right type of shelving system will give you years of trouble-free storage, enabling you to use your garage to its full potential.


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What type of shelving should you buy? There are two different types that are most commonly used in a domestic setting – light duty and medium duty.

Light or medium?

Light duty shelving consists of smaller shelving units and is therefore suitable for storing small, lightweight items, such as children’s outdoor toys, old clothes or light boxes of paperwork. As they are smaller, slimmer and lightweight, the units are cheaper to buy, so would suit someone on a tight budget. They are also great for squeezing into tight spaces.

If you are intending to store heavier items, such as garden equipment, tools or boxes of old photograph albums, you may well need the heavier, medium duty shelving. This heavier, bulkier shelving allows an impressive maximum uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 340kg per level, which is enough for most households’ needs.

Both types of shelving can be bought from a specialist supplier such as https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/34-medium-duty-shelving. They will be able to advise you on which type is best for your requirements.

Whichever you choose, having a suitable, long-lasting storage system in your garage will help ensure you can enjoy your garage, hassle-free, for many years to come.