Choosing the Best Hat for a Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the hat to wear to a wedding can be a highly complicated task. Choosing the ideal wedding hat is similar to choosing a race day hat; there are several factors to take into account and dress code is an important element; however, the dress code will vary dependent on the type of wedding and this will influence the hat choice. Regardless of your position in the wedding, it is important that you choose the most suitable hat for the event. This article will provide information on how to choose the best hat for the wedding.

• The Bride’s Mother

The bride’s mother, also known as the mother of the bride, may not seem too important but she has a large role in the wedding. To ensure you are able to complete all the tasks allocated to you on the wedding day, it is vital that you feel comfortable in the hat you choose as the bride’s mother. Most mothers will spend a lot of time meeting the guests and having their picture taken with others during the event; therefore, you need to ensure you can be seen below the hat. This being the case, the ideal hat would be a side sweep design or a type of perching hat.

• The Groom’s Mother

The traditional belief is that no wedding guest should be more noticeable than the host – and this doesn’t necessarily refer to the wedding couple but the bride’s mother because she has a lot of hosting duties. Due to this fact, it is recommended that the groom’s mother choose a hat that is smaller than the bride’s mother, such as a pillbox hat or cocktail hat. If, however, neither of the mothers have any hosting duties it is possible for the groom’s mother to wear a hat of any design.

• The Traditional Church Wedding

If the wedding is being held at a church in a town or city, the chances are high that the dress code will be formal. To complement the formal, structured outfit worn on the occasion, it is recommended that you choose a simple hat design, such as a pillbox design. This simple style is useful because it is muted and ties a look together.

• The Outdoor Country Wedding

When invited to outdoor countryside weddings, particularly in the summer months, it is possible to wear less formal hats to match the calm theme of the wedding. This is a true treat for many people who enjoy leaving their hair loose as it is possible to wear bohemian designs and allow the locks to flow untied.

• The Evening Wedding Guest

While the wedding may not be during the evening, it is important to take note of headwear when invited to an evening wedding reception. To match the formal event, it is recommended that the hat is a stylish piece, such as a small cocktail hat or an elegant comb to compliment your outfit.

Different Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Hat For Your Needs

• Complimenting the Entire Look

Contrary to belief, a hat is not a separate entity to an outfit; in fact, it can act as a piece that will complete a look and should be chosen to compliment an outfit. This means that you should purchase the clothing first before looking at the ideal hat. When working with a designer or personal shopper, he or she can help choose a hat in the correct size and colour. If you are choosing the hat independently, it is best to take the outfit on the venture.

• Balancing the Look

In addition to complimenting the full outfit, it is important that the hat balances the outfit. This can be determined by examining your silhouette once dressed. For example, a structured and formal look would be balanced with a small cocktail hat but could be out-of-sync with a larger hat.

• Matching the Shape of Your Face

The hat style needs to match the shape of a person’s face for the effect to be beneficial. All people have different face shapes and there are various hat types to match these physical features. A rounded face would be complemented by an angular face to break the roundness. However, sharper facial features will be complemented by round hats with soft brims.

People with long face shapes should opt for designs presenting with movement in the style. For example, a hat with a feather or adorned headband would be most beneficial as these provide softness to the face. A square face shape needs an asymmetrical design that will effectively balance the jaw.

The heart face shape is the most beneficial of all shapes and these people are able to wear any type of hat. However, if you wear glasses it is important that the glasses do not overpower the hat.