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What concerns do customers sometimes have about VOIP?

VoIP is a burgeoning trend and a very popular technology that many individuals and businesses are turning to for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Making the jump to VoIP can, however, be daunting for many people, with customers often having unanswered questions over its use. Here are three of the most common concerns raised with VoIP.


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Calls in the case of an emergency

Being able to make a call to emergency services is vital for peace of mind should the need arise, and many people think that only traditional landlines and mobiles are able to do this. Despite VoIP being an internet-based service, it is possible to use the traditional telephone 999 emergency services. Ofcom have ruled that VoIP providers must allow for 999 calls and, wherever possible, provide the location of the caller. It is still advisable to always double check with the VoIP provider that the emergency access feature is definitely provided by their service.

Drops in service quality

Although the call quality may be superior, the quality of the service provider is often seen as an area for concern. VoIP services have been tainted with a somewhat negative reputation. This needn’t be the case, however, as there are many efficient, reliable providers of VoIP services out there.

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Phone numbers having to change

Concern over whether the phone number will have to be changed is often the most common issue when moving to a VoIP service. People like the stability of having the same number without the hassle of having to change. Fear not, as losing your current number doesn’t have to be the case when moving to a VoIP phone. Porting is a means of transferring a number from one provider to another. It’s regulated by Ofcom to provide reassurance that the process should be problem-free and straightforward, with the power of the watchdog to back you up in the unlikely event of your existing provider cancelling your number rather than transferring it. Number porting will therefore enable you to use a VoIP phone and service with your usual telephone number.