Decorating Your Home From Scratch: Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

Decorating doesn’t have to be a major chore. Think of this as an opportunity to change the inside of your home to make it truly reflect you and create a space that you can relax and recharge in. Whether moving into a new house or giving the old one a major overhaul, there are plenty of options for redecorating to get the look you want without getting stressed out or going crazy.

Step 1: Decide What’s Your Style

Different people have different styles and it is important to make sure to match your living space with one that you actually like. Are you a modern or contemporary sort of guy or gal? Prefer something rustic and old school? Deciding on your style will help make sure you find something that puts you in the right mind space.

A contemporary design is popular because it is minimalist. What does this mean? You only need a few main pieces, you don’t have to get complex with the colour scheme (white, black, and grey is fine). Modern furniture that is expensive but looks good with glass and metal are popular options and this is right up there with modern as a style known for being “clean.”

Modern designs focus on clean lines and have soft earth tones. Add in straight lines that create a very smooth and direct feel and it is easy to see why modern remains very popular as well.

Farmhouse is on the other side of the spectrum and looks at big, cozy, and comfy. The look should be inviting, a major focus on comfort and furniture is casual and functional above all else. Think bright colors, overstuffed chairs, simple wooden tables, a variety of colors, plenty of wall decorations (if so desired) and you understand what the farmhouse style is all about.

Then there’s transitional which is a mix of traditional and modern and focuses (especially on remodels) of keeping elements of old style, old charm, antique furniture and especially quality old architecture or personality while adding in modern functionality. Finding some key antique pieces or even restoring your old furniture by Abbey Group can make for an interesting look, this also works the other way with adding warmth and style to an overly cleansed modern look that just doesn’t have enough soul.

Step 2: Make A Room By Room Plan

Start with the big important rooms where you’ll spend the most time: your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom. These are rooms that tell a lot about you and you want to personalise them in a way that really reflects who you are.
By starting with the rooms you spend the most time in, and the ones that are most important, you can really prioritise your design plans to focus on the furniture, looks, and style you love most in the places where you will spend the most time.

Even among these most important rooms, you want to start with the largest room first and the largest design decisions in each. What furniture is going to be the focus in the room or rooms? The bed? The dining room table? The sofa or sectional? Starting with these as the room anchors and working outward is a great way to make sure you’re getting the full effect of the look or design you choose.

Step 3: Use The Power Of Paint

Anyone who has renovated, remodeled, or flipped houses for a living can tell you the power that a new fresh coat of paint can bring to your home. Don’t believe us? Try painting a room from white to a deep red, or a yellow to a blue, or a dark colour you don’t like to a pure white. The instant transformation is really obvious.

This is inexpensive compared to most renovation or decorating expenses and yet can have a powerful effect. The best part? If you’re not satisfied with the change you can just paint over it and try again!

If you follow these three relatively simple steps you will have no problem not only decorating your house but getting that perfect look that takes a house and makes it transform until it truly feels like your home.