About Dianabol Based on Research and Experiences of People


People have been using steroids for really long time now. Among the many drugs available legally in the market, Dianabol is one very popular. Professional body builders, athletes, trainers, pharmacy people and others know about this steroid very well. Everybody knows Dianabol is methanedienone or methandrostenolone compound. It is a popular oral steroid used to gain muscle mass and strength. Still there are several myths surrounding the Dbol. But based on the results of recent research and experiences of many people, you can find new way of knowing Dianabol and its usage. Here you can know about the effects of Dbol in small dose over a fixed period of time.

Truth on the effects of Dianabol

  • Based on many research done, it has been found that Dianabol enhances the production of anaerobic glycolysis. Here lactic acid is formed in the body which is used by the muscles to create glycogen. Glycogen is broken down in anaerobic metabolism to produce energy. Thus using Dbol the chances of getting fat is less as lactic acid is main ingredient that breaks down carbohydrates.
  • It is believed by many that 17 alpha-alkylated property of Methanedienone can produce toxic inside the liver. There have been evidences of liver toxicity in some people but many body builders have proved it wrong. In one study made on rats, it has been found that Dianabol do produces changes in enzyme activities from hypertrophy to hepatocytes proving this concept. Whereas in another study only one form of Dianabol that is Nerobol produced such results. This can suggest that not all Dbol are harmful to the liver.
  • It has been seen in studies that Dianabol has positive and effective results on osteoporosis over calcium supplements. It has been found that with the dose of 2.5mg per day for 9 months has increased muscle mass and decreased the osteoporosis. In one research done over 24 months have proved that Dianabol could increase the today calcium and potassium content in the body, helping reducing osteoporosis.
  • One study has shown that use of Dianabol can increase sensitivity of laryngeal tumour cells. Thus it can be said that this drugs can be used in patients with laryngeal cancer during the radiotherapy.

It is wise for healthy people to not to take up any steroids to gain muscle mass. Similarly people with serious health conditions should also avoid taking Dianabol unless prescribed by their doctor. For proper result with side effect, take right dose in cycle of 25-40mg split in 4-6 week.