Five cost-effective ways to promote your startup

As a startup business, you’ll probably be on a tight budget when it comes to promoting your new venture. With this in mind, here are five cost-effective options to increase awareness of your fledgling brand.


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1. Social media

For new businesses in particular, making yourself known on social media offers many benefits. According to Entrepreneur, the best part of creating awareness on social media is that it is free and provides you with a massive network of potential customers. Just make sure you use the right platforms that reach your target audiences.

2. Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely powerful for influencing purchase decisions from others and don’t cost anything to generate. Try to build up a steady supply of reviews about your business, either on your site or on other review sites. Positive reviews will promote your brand with ease, but even negative reviews give you an opportunity to learn, develop or change things for the better.

3. Referral marketing

Allow your customers to be ambassadors of your brand by encouraging them to refer your business to others in return for a discount or promotion. This form of referral marketing can be highly effective at spreading your good name and is a low-cost strategy to implement.


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4. SEO

No business of any size or age can ignore the power of SEO for encouraging growth and awareness. Get to understand the basics of SEO from the start, making sure your website is SEO-friendly and includes all the important features that will make it rank higher on search listings. If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in SEO, make use of local SEO services. When pondering who can help London customers with SEO?, choose experts who have experience dealing with startups.

5. Listing websites

To improve visibility of your brand online without blowing your budget, it makes sense to add your startup details to relevant listing sites on the internet. There are various listing platforms to pick from, but choose ones that relate to startups or the specific industry in which you operate. Include a detailed description of your business, your contact details, who your target audience is, and what you have to offer. Try to make your descriptions appealing and stand out, but remember to check for accuracy and consistency in the details you provide.