Five DIY Projects to Lighten Up Your Home

You don’t have to be a skilled woodworker or crafty arts type to bring some DIY into your home. DIY projects are a fun task for anyone to undertake if they have some spare time and the motivation to make something special and long-lasting. Not only is making your own furniture or decorations often highly cost efficient – it’s fun and educational. Best of all, they leave you with an end product of which you can feel proud. A successful DIY project can serve a practical purpose or simply function as a great talking piece to pass down in the family. Here are some ideas for great and straight-forward DIY endeavors for your home!

Drinks Cabinet

If you know anything about feng shui, you may know the philosophy includes the notion that rubbish and unsightly items are to be placed away from main views of a room. With the exception of when you want to put a beautifully designed drinks bottle on display, liqueur and half-drunk wines are better hidden from sight. In other words, your bottles of alcohol and cocktail mixers don’t make for the prettiest decorations on top of your fridge or kitchen shelf. The solution? A massively stylish drinks cabinet, of course! There was a time when no American home was without one, whether it be a sleek 1920s mahogany drinks compartment or a vintage world globe doubling up as drinks storage.pjimage (2)

Poker or pool table

Anyone with a spacious basement or man cave has probably had the thought cross their mind that a games table could be a big hit amongst friends and family. Imagine not having to head to the bar for a game of pool, or being the ultimate host of weekly poker nights. But game tables are expensive and, unless you miraculously find one that perfectly fits your desired size dimensions and preferred aesthetics, something of a compromise. Building one exactly to your liking is cheap and surprisingly easy – in fact, PokerListings will show you how to build a snazzy poker table for under $300. If poker’s not your thing, then focus on the pool table instead! Check out Instructables for a guide on how to build one in five simple steps.

pjimage (3)

Matching coat and shoe stand

The hallway is typically the first place visiting guests will see – and is therefore responsible for their first impression of your home. Somewhere specific to hang their coats and place their shoes, as opposed to ‘over the side of a chair’ or ‘on the floor by the door’, goes a long way in making guests feel welcome. Considering how easy it is to make a matching coat and shoe stand, there’s no reason you shouldn’t employ this space-efficient DIY in your own house. There are plenty of great themes for this hallway combo – get inspired by Pinterest where there are hundreds of ideas for metallic, wooden and stone coat or shoe stands.pjimage (4)

Pet feeding station

Pets are messy – there’s no getting around it. As any pet owner will know, the place of feeding is typically a place that requires extra cleaning. Knocked-over water bowls and food falling onto the floor from all sides can be a daily occurrence, which is why it saves a great amount of time to build a highly purposeful pet feeding station.

A good feeding station is space-efficient in that it doubles up as a food or pet accessory storage system. No more stuffing pet food under the kitchen sink or in the cupboard, and no more getting bits of food all over floor – a well-built feeding station will have space around bowls to catch food. Furthermore, the best feeding station is one that fits into your home naturally, blending in with the rest of the furniture in an unobtrusive manner. For ideas on feeding stations designs, see Play Bark Run’s list of top seventeen types.pjimage (1)

Wall-mounted shelves

Regular book shelves are so last decade. Combining the contemporary trend of minimalism with an IKEA-style practicality sentiment, wall-mounted book shelves not only save space – they also look fantastic. Afraid a wall-mounted book shelf of this kind will give too modern a twist to your more rustic abode? Why not try making your wall-mounted book shelf out of driftwood. This will preserve the antique feeling, and will look especially great with some smoky sandalwood or pine candles placed on either end of the shelf.pjimage

Ready to bring out your tools and paint brushes? Embarking on a home DIY project is one of the most satisfying things a creative and resourceful person can do. Put those spare hours to use and spruce up your home with any one of the fun ideas above.