Five ideas to maximise the use of your bay window

As a design feature, a bay window is a thing of beauty; however, for many homeowners, it can pose a conundrum for what to do with it and often ends up as wasted space. Make the most of your bay window with these clever ideas.


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1. Dine in style

In open-plan living spaces, there is often no obvious place to put the dining table; however, bay windows often offer some very useful space. Build a bench around the window and the additional seating will allow much more space with none wasted for pull-out chairs. This could even double up as storage.

2. Additional seating

When there are several people living in a home, there can never be too many seating areas. Living rooms might feel crowded quite quickly, so having somewhere for some parts of the family to ‘break away’ can be a great option and a great solution for a bay area. The biggest problem might be who gets to sit in the bay window first!


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3. Bath with a view

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, with the lack of flexibility not so much down to the design as to the space. Be a bit more creative with design and consider putting a bath in a bay window to free up floor space in the room. Even better, there will be lots of natural light to aid relaxation. Don’t forget window frosting if you have neighbours!

4. Light up your face

The same principle of natural light works in the bedroom, with the bay area a great location for a dressing table. Make a real focal point to the bedroom and make more space around the bed.

5. A comfy space for yourself

An alcove is a great place for a couple of comfy chairs. Imagine reading the Sunday papers with a mug of coffee or having a cosy chat with a friend.

If your appetite for a bay window has been whetted but your home is not blessed with one, there might be the scope to put one in, subject to the necessary permissions. Houzz has some great ideas to give you inspiration; in addition, chat to an expert such as

The only limit to the opportunities and possibilities is your own imagination, so let it run wild!