Get The Best Handifract In Yogyakarta To Be Your Souvenirs

The best handifract in Yogyakarta is a wonderful work you can have right now by coming to Yogyakarta. Indonesia is an archipelagic country with many different traditions and stunning natural scenery. In Indonesia, tradition is an element in a very strong society. Tradition in Indonesian society becomes binder and activator in society. Including in Yogyakarta, the binding tradition is very strong in society. But the tradition in Yogyakarta society gives a valuable artistic produce. Art products produced from the tradition in Yogyakarta is a handicraft in various shapes and types with their respective values.

The best handifract in yogyakarta shop will be your best souvenir when you are on holiday to Indonesia. Especially if you want to take time to come to Yogyakarta, there will be many handicrafts that you can find. In Yogyakarta alone, several places become the center of manufacture and sales of handicraft in accordance with which the handicraft with excellence art production in each region. If you are interested, some of the following places will give you a satisfactory handicraft produce.

  • Kota Gedhe

Kota Gedhe are located in the southern city of Yogyakarta, about 5 km from the city center.Here is a shopping paradise for you hunters of silver and copper handicrafts.Various handicrafts from silver and copper, ranging from small to large, neatly arranged in every gallery in Kotagede.

  • Kasongan Village

Kasongan Village is a residential of pottery craftsmen, and is one of the popular handicraft center in Yogyakarta. There, you can get typical Jogja crafts, such as root crafts, stone crafts, marble handicrafts, and others.

  • Malioboro Street

Malioboro is famous as one of the popular craft center in Jogja, even claimed as the most crowded market in Yogyakarta. Various art goods sold there, such as batik, bags, blangkon, until a variety of unique souvenirs Yogyakarta unique and interesting.

  • Manding

Manding is the name of one of the villages in Yogyakarta which became the center of leather craft. In Manding, live leather craftsmen who make various leather products such as handbags, wallets, belts, jackets, and shoes. The quality of leather craft in Manding is very good even has been famous to the international world.

  • Gabusan

Gabusan is a market that sells handicraft located in Bantul district, Yogyakarta. Gabusan has many kiosks that can accommodate 444 craftsmen with 8015 craft units. Here the various crafts located in Yogyakarta will be displayed and available for you to buy.

  • Beringharjo

Beringharjo is a traditional market that sells antiques, fabrics, batik, and various other handicrafts. The most famous handicraft in this market is Batik. Here you can buy various kinds of Batik with various motifs.

The best handifract in yogyakarta market will be your best souvenir while on vacation. What can you look for in Yogyakarta city? It is certainly looking for new and unique things where they do not find their home country. For those of you who like to hunt art goods, do not miss the opportunity to stop at some popular craft center in Yogyakarta where you can find many unique objects that are not found in other areas.