Hair Tips for Teenagers


Long or short hair, oily or dry hair, straight or curly hair, every wondered what it takes to take care of your hair locks? As a teen, do you have any idea about the accuracy of the hair products you’re using? Maybe your shampoo is damaging your hair or maybe you aren’t brushing your hair properly, or you could have got lice form your friends which requires instant attention! Whether you reside in San Clemente or anywhere else in the world, here are some tips for teenagers:

  • Do not overdo the blonde highlights. Try to be close to the natural tone of your hair
  • Go for an easy to handle haircut. Layers is said to be an easily managed hair style. And, it looks good on all types of body.
  • You do not just have an oily skin but an oily scalp too and what worsens it is your blonde hair style. Do not go for the hundreds of the products you see in the market. Go for baby powder, it does wonders of the root. And, if you have brown hair, then go for dry shampoo.
  • Looking for a style that could dazzle your look! Do not go overboard. Less is more here!!!! Just add some loose curls to your hair through a barrel iron and you’ll look gorgeous. This type of styling causes lowest damage to your hair.
  • Shampoo isn’t for scalp and conditioner isn’t for the shaft. Regardless of what your age is, the rule remains the same. Shampoo on the tips just removes the natural oils from your hair and the conditioner on the scalp makes your hair oily. So, avoid it!
  • If you want a good and long hair style, quickly, then go for hair extensions. But, remember you should follow the trend with caution and care. Do not forget to consult a stylist. The most realistic extensions are braided in the real hair, near the scalp.
  • If you have hair lice, then remember you do not have to ignore it at any cost. It is very important to get it treated as soon as possible. With top San Clemente lice removalassistance, you can easily get rid of hair lice in a few sessions.
  • Get periodic checkup of your hair- both girls and guys need to get their hair checked and trimmed periodically. Even if you want your hair to grow long, it is advisable that you go for a few centimeter trimming. With puberty, you undergo big changes in your hair. Try to consult a stylist to seek advice on the products that you should use.
  • Embrace the natural look- Remember that grass is not always green. Try to accept your natural look. Whether it straight or curl, thick or thin, you shouldn’t struggle with you hair. The more you trials you do the bigger damage your hair will suffer.
  • Be careful with the brush- Though brushing makes your hair shinier, but a lot of brushing could cause hair breakage and split ends. So, only brush when you need to!