How To Keep Your Work Boots In Great Condition

One of the best things about a tough pair of boots is how durable they can be. You wear them in tough conditions and work in them day in and day out, so durability is absolutely crucial. A good pair should hold up for years, depending on the usage you put them through, but the right maintenance will help you to keep them in the best possible condition. Give your boots the right care and they’ll be sure to serve you well.


Invest In Quality

Before you even begin to look at the care, cleaning and maintenance of your work boots, you should consider the pair you plan to buy. There are plenty of options out there when choosing a new pair of boots, and some will be far more durable than others. While it can be tempting, particularly when you’re on a tight budget, to save cash by buying a cheaper pair of boots for work, this will probably end up being a false economy.

A good-quality set of boots will last far longer than the cheap alternative, be more reliable for daily use, and will be safer for wearing in tough conditions. If you’re going to be wearing these boots on a regular basis and are looking for comfort and strength, then think of them as an investment to be considered carefully.

Waterproof Your Boots

Your boots go through all sorts of trials and tribulations, but you can toughen them up by adding waterproofing to the outer material. This is especially important if your boots are made from real leather. Waterproofing is inexpensive and will prevent damage from occurring whenever water makes contact with the shoes.

Use a water-based product – these are safer than some of the alternatives on the market, and will allow your feet to breathe while keeping water out. Apply an initial coat, then another after about two weeks. A third coat applied two weeks after that should ensure that your boots are completely waterproof for years to come. You can reapply the solution every few months if you’re concerned, but the solution should be long lasting.

Break Them In

When you buy your new pair of boots, don’t be tempted to start wearing them for long work shifts every day as soon as you’ve made the purchase. It’s best to warm the boots up gradually, wearing them for longer stretches of time each day, otherwise you could experience some discomfort and even damage the boots.

Clean Regularly

Nobody’s expecting you to knuckle down and clean your boots after every long, hard work shift, but regular cleaning will keep your boots in good condition for longer than neglecting them will. Try to give the boots a good scrub once a week. Be sure to use a water-based cleaning product if your shoes are leather, and a low PH shampoo for the interiors.

A nylon brush works well for cleaning the leather exterior, while a pencil rubber can serve as a good cleaning tool for suede boots. Leather conditioning is also essential for your boot maintenance. Use a conditioner every few months to keep your boots from stiffening up and cracking, and to keep scratches from forming.