Imaginative Designs For Smaller Bathrooms

A wet room is able to make a smaller room appear much bigger. This is possible by completely transforming your shower room by removing an old-shower enclosure.

Even small and compact bathrooms can still offer comfort and style. The technique is to maximize the space.

The smallest of rooms could be the main bathroom inside a smaller home or a 2nd or a 3rd bathroom in larger homes. En-suite bathrooms are often designed in a way that they fit into a narrow setting. These are often incorporated into the loft conversions to make the best use out of the available corners.

Regardless of the scenario, an innovative bathroom design is able to transform a small room in your home into an appealing and practical space.

Space And Storage

It is very easy for a bathroom to turn into a chaotic scene, especially when it comes to family bathrooms. Windows and shelves are often filled up with hair gels, tubes of toothpaste, cosmetics along with an endless supply of health and beauty products.

Clever use of storage is essential, especially when the bathroom is limited in space. Positioning wall cabinets on walls can make use of the vertical areas and keeps products out of the reach of smaller children. Another way to make use of your wall spaces is to use floating shelves. When supported in a concealed bracket they offer a neat and tidy solution for those bathrooms that are filled with assorted products.

Tiered-wire baskets are also a solution to hold your towels, while wash bags are easier to move when needed. Rails of hooks can also be useful fixtures for walls or doors. It offers a place that is handy to hang robes, dressing gowns or damp towels.

Instead of attempting to squeeze in floor-level radiators, you may want to consider heated towel rails. You can position this towel rail just about anywhere and you can also switch the rail on or off when you need it.   ActFast Plumbers, an emergency plumber in Farnborough, can help ensure these are fitted correctly.

If you hardly make use of your bathtub, why not remove it and invest in an attractive square shower-cubicle. From the practical viewpoint, the combination of a shower and bath is still regarded as the more functional solution. However, if you choose to remove the bath, this area can be used for a vanity unit or large-storage cabinet. In this odd spaced gap, a vanity wall-hung unit can maximize floor space and add extra storage.

Light And Reflection

Mirrors and glass is an easy yet very effective way in which to reflect the light in your bathroom. They offer an illusion of height and depth.

Long-wall mirrors or large-mirrored cabinets can assist in making narrow spaces appear wider. Wall mirrors above vanity units with glass-tops appear elegant and glossy.

Glass bath screens allow light to come through adding in an airy and bright feel. Another technique is to make use of frosted films on your windows opposed to blinds to offer privacy yet retain the maximum light that comes from the outside.

Tricks And Tips

Keeping a neutral colour scheme for floor tiles and walls creates a consistent appeal throughout the room that offers a feeling of light and spaciousness. Dark floors or wall tiles will shrink the dimensions of the room further.

Plain vinyl floors are a great option because it offers a uniform surface that is free from breaks or lines. This is what creates a fluid and open foundation for the rest of the room. This surface is also easy-to-clean and durable, which makes it one of the preferred choices for a busy family bathroom.

You may be thinking that squeezing a bathtub into a small bathroom is not a possibility. However, there are some attractive alternatives to the full-length bath. A Tiny-Square Hip Bath or Compact Corner Bath is the ideal solution to make the most out of an awkward angle and it transforms into a feature that is unusual.

If you have always wanted a freestanding bath, look for the type with the squared-off edges. These roll-top, smaller baths are designed in a way to fit neatly into corners.

In conclusion, there is a host of practical tricks and innovative ideas that can transform the smaller rooms in your home into a valuable asset.