Know More About the Adverse Health Issues of Misusing Winstrol Steroid

Winstrol as a steroid is popularly known synthetic compound that helps in boosting metabolic rate in your body. The drug is mostly used in cutting cycles after completing the usage of potent steroids to retain the gained strength and to shed off the fatty tissues to possess trim and fit figure.

Buying the drug doesn’t need any prescription from any medical professional in many countries. This proves that the drug is quite safe to use. It’s a healthier alternative taken instead of high powered anabolic steroids to increase stamina.tungsten

Why winstrol is known as best aid for loosing excessive weight?

  • The pills have the ability to promote nitrogen retention in the body stimulating the metabolism functions quite essential to lose unneeded cholesterol and fatty muscles from the body.
  • It doesn’t reduce the estrogen level in the body. Thus, there won’t be any issues of your blood pressure shooting up or you won’t feel bloated.
  • The boosting of natural synthesis of protein aids in retaining the gained strength, thus you are able to do strenuous exercises.
  • Increases the flexibility of the body in just few weeks of consuming its oral doses.
  • Well known to improve muscular density helping in having stronger muscles.

The steroid is even highly marketed as diet pills for its capability to burn fat at faster rate. The dosage level is normally 50mg per day, however female users take 20mg maximum for six weeks.

However, misuse of the steroid leads to fall prey to its adverse effects.

Some of the most commonly reported health issues are:

  • Headaches.
  • Edema. Water retention is a common complained usually occurring in ankles and feet.
  • Insomnia resulting in not having restful sleep leading to tiredness, stress and not feeling energetic to do daily activities.
  • Nausea symptoms sometimes prevailed with vomiting sensation.
  • Your sexual life will surely get affected. Men have issues of priapism which result in painful erections.
  • Women users may have to experience the side effects of irregular menstrual cycle. They may even have hair growth on face as well as on rest of the body.
  • Women may develop deep hoarse voice.
  • Important internal organs of the body like heart, liver and kidneys may get affected.
  • Cardiovascular system may get affected.
  • Development of severe cholestasis.
  • Blood flow won’t flow smoothly.

All the health risks can be avoided if the drug is taken as prescribed by your medical advisor. To prevent Winstrol injection side effects read more about its proper usage from the websites promoting the selling of drugs.