Larissa Castelluber: Marketing Strategist is Now Handling Government


As of 2016 Design Moves LLC led by Larissa Castelluber has been contributing huge waves to the marketing strategies involving local government organizations. Beginning within the south florida community, Larissa and her team has successfully accomplished: Employee Empowerment, Reputation Management, Crisis Management, Lead Generation and Event Marketing.

Prospering many organizations through their hard work and years of experience, this is a company that has been proactive making sure their clients are part of their family and most of all their success.

“In the marketing game, there are so many companies in similar fields that take the money and run per say and that is not what we are about. Marketing is getting into the psyche of how the orginazation works and what they stand for. If you do not understand those main components you will be forever lost in making efficient plans that produce results, same goes for government organizations.” – Larissa Castelluber

She recounts the initial time that it had taken to really understand how the departments work with each other and what are their priorities for each. Each of them work in different manners and have different hot buttons.

Larissa looks forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for her and her team. She loves seeing the progress and the feedback from the residents, workers and citygoers of the accounts Design Moves LLC holds. For more information regarding Larissa and her organization please visit: