How to Make Health and Safety a Priority Without Sacrificing Fun?

Whenever you are planning a large scale or corporate event, aspects of health and safety are most likely not the first thing that you think of. Browsing entertainment options or brainstorming themes are a lot more exciting things to do. However, in order to put on a successful event, it is critical to ensure the welfare and safety of your event attendees. Therefore, the earlier that you take time to consider safety and health issues in the planning stage the easier it will be for you to incorporate them.

Quality Suppliers

Keeping safety in mind while choosing event suppliers is definitely a good idea. Safety and quality go hand in hand and that is why choosing suppliers that hold relevant safety certifications can help to ensure high levels of reliability and quality. The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) tests all of the event entertainment which customers can use to compare providers for reliable and safe equipment.

Reliable Equipment

Don’t just trust the claim on a brochure or website that equipment has been properly certified and tested. You should have the ability to independently confirm the certifications. PIPA conducts the tests on inflatables. This is an inspection scheme that has been set up to make sure that inflatable play equipment complies with recognised standards. A tag is issued for every piece of equipment which allows it to be checked independently against a national database. That way you can confirm our assurances. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) supports PIPA, which provides you with additional peace of mind while you are looking forward to having a safe and smooth running event.

Electrical Safety

All of us rely on electricity these days and have a tendency to take it for granted. If any electrical equipment fails it can be disastrous for an event and lack of safety could even be fatal. Whenever you are wanting attendees to your event to be able to move in a constant flow, then it is critically important that all electrical equipment is safe and reliable. All electrical equipment must be tested by PAT on an annual basis, meaning that it complies with the Portable Appliance Testing guidelines that are set forth by the HSE. This ensures that the kits, supplied for both small and large events, won’t cause any injuries and won’t let you down in any way on the day of your event.

Risk Assessment

Don’t put off event risk assessment until the last minute. Once your event has a structure, then it is worth starting your risk assessment process so that you have time to change your layout or plans if any safety issues come up. One of the very first things that you should consider for any well attended event is insurance that your suppliers and yourself need to have.

Trained Staff

A significant portion of your risk assessment should involve your staffing. Make sure that you have sufficient support levels within your organisational team. Having clear lines of communication among your staff will help to ensure that all responsibilities are clear and spelled out. Make sure staff is well trained and have a sufficient number trained in first aid and available at the event. Operating staff must all be comprehensively trained to safely install and run all of the equipment.  If the operating staff have taken their RPII examinations at the supervisory and operational levels, then this will be extra assurance that your inflatable entertainment is safe at all times for your event attendees.

The secret to having a successful safety and health policy in place for a large scale or corporate event is for it to appear to be unnoticed. If you plan in advance and select a reliable supplier, like Little Monsters, that uphold the highest safety standards in everything they do, then you will be able to host a smooth running event that is very enjoyable for your attendees.