How Membership Websites Can Boost Their SEO

Membership websites are naturally in a great position when it comes to producing high-value content and creating an engaged community – however, it is still important to promote your website.


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You must be able to bring in organic traffic, and yet it is challenging to gather the benefits you need when your content is hidden.

However, there are simple strategies you can employ in order to better your Dublin SEO and bring more organic traffic to your website. Firstly, don’t keep all of your content within your membership paywall. Google wants to direct visitors to content that they can access, so use a tool that allows you to show a portion of your content, with the remainder of it protected for members only. This allows search engines and visitors to see a segment of your content alike and to assess its value and relevance to them.

Show Some Content

A good rule of thumb is to show 200-300 words of content from each protected article. If you have competitors that are doing the same, then consider offering a little more. You’ll find that your content begins to rank more strongly if you increase the amount of information that is made publicly available, and its quality.

Look at your free content too and make sure it is high value. Remember, it will help you to attract potential paying customers. High-value free content also attracts search engines and helps you to rank highly. For SEO in Dublin, an agency can help you with this content creation.


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Content length will matter but this isn’t the be all and end all. The important thing is that the content offers enough value that your visitors are encouraged to share it, link to it and comment on it. Remember, just 200 words of fairly standard content will not offer you this at all.

Optimise Your Content

Once you have created it, also remember to optimise your content, using a title and URL that is keyword friendly. Use your keywords in the opening paragraphs and use relative outbound links that head to authority content. Link to articles on your membership site that relate to your content and include video and images wherever you can.

Ultimately, the secret is to create high-quality content that offers genuine value, show a portion of it, and then optimise it.