Mercedes Car Rental in Dubai  

A year ago, Mercedes brought a ludicrous, inordinate two-situate roadster to Pebble Beach called the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. We say foolish and over the top since it was an about 19-foot long roadster for only two individuals. It additionally pressed a 750-strength electric powertrain. This year, Mercedes brought  basically a similar auto, however now with a delicate best and the postfix “Cabriolet.” Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Since the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is essentially an indistinguishable auto from the roadster, it’s likewise trickling with unashamed overabundance. It’s still 19 feet long, despite everything it conveys just two individuals, regardless it has 750 torque from electric engines. Mercedes claims that power will push the auto to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Likewise like the roadster, it has a scope of 200 miles on a charge, and with the correct charger, can probably recover around 60 miles in 5 minutes. There are changes to the auto, however.


For one, it’s painted an alternate shading. Rather than the dynamic red of the car, the roadster is a naval force blue that Mercedes says inspires the sentiment a yacht — more so than the size as of now. It likewise has new wheels with a more ordinary multi-talked look. They’re likewise have rose gold-painted accents. The change to a convertible body style adjusts the presence of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 more than you’d expect, as well. Since a noteworthy part of the vehicle is done in a differentiating shading, the auto looks somewhat shorter, positively. It doesn’t look bulky. The absence of a fastback additionally helps shield the tail from resembling it’s drooping, as it does on the roadster.

The inside of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is for the most part the same as the car, as well. It includes a similar white cowhide situates that mix into the entryways and dashboard. It likewise has the wild wraparound show and clear focus burrow with light tubes that demonstrate the stream of power to the engines. Metal features are done in rose gold tone, similar to the sewing. The distinctions incorporate more unmistakable shapes that infer air vents, and additionally a wood floor with aluminum strips to finish the yacht feeling. Additionally, the catches that spot the seats have Mercedes logos on them, and they’re illuminated. Rent Luxury Car in Dubai