Mistakes designers must avoid while creating logo designs


A business logo is a creative and graphical representation of any brand and stand for its existence. A logo design effectively communicates any brand’s value and its future goals to its target market. However due to some common mistakes that designers usually make while creating logo designs, the entire brand loses its demeanor and falls short of effectively communicating what it should have otherwise.

The main reasons behind these blunders are either the company is getting their logo designs made by free-lancers or by novice, non-professional designers. Here, we have taken the liberty to list few mistakes that designers must avoid while creating logo designs for clients.

Do not use an online logo generator

Many a times, both company owners and designers fail to realize the importance of unique logo designs. yes, we completely agree that there are a number of online logo builders available that also provide designs in nominal price, but have you ever imagined about the harm that such designs might bring to your business. Because at the end of the day what you will get from such logo builders, somebody else will, exactly the same. There goes the uniqueness part of your logo and your business.

Do not follow trends blindly

The biggest no-no of brand designing is blindly following the new trends. It is important for your logo to be timeless if you wish to establish a strong brand. So no matter how tempted you may be to use that new trend that you’ve seen coming up everywhere, avoid it and design a logo that stands the test of time.

Color dependency

The color scheme of any logo is of vital importance. Colors have the power to communicate feelings and emotions. No doubt they play a big part in your brand personality but it is also very important for logo designers to ensure that a logo does not lose its personality when reproduced in black and white. It is advised to always start your logo in black and white then works towards adding color.

Do not disregard scalability

Although a very basic point, yet completely mind boggling to see so many logo designers disregard it. A logo design is a very important part of a brand collateral of any company and thus should be scalable to be produced in different color formats without losing its color form or consistency.


Many of us completely understand the facts and figures attached with a logo design and that how important element of an overall branding strategy of any company it is, yet we fail to cash upon the true essence of the logo design. What we have jotted down here are only the few, but very important and commonly occurring mistakes by logo designers. Any business owner can effectively save him from these by contacting a professional logo design Dubai agency for its logo design needs.