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Traffic citations are common among most states in the US, including Westwood NJ. However, citations may not be correct or not warranted. In this case, you might want to challenge your citation’s validity in court. In such a case, you need a municipal attorney who is conversant with municipal court and vehicle lawsuits. A competent municipal lawyer will gather vital information relating to your case, prepare you for the court hearing, and professionally represent you in a court of law.

Since traffic offenses can result in increased insurance rates, driver’s license points, and suspension, it is, therefore, vital that you hire an experienced lawyer to represent you.

Motor vehicle offenses

Motor vehicle offenses, which can have dire consequences on your driving privileges, comprises of speeding, ignoring to use the turn signal, and running a red light. While these can be considered to be minor offenses, they can attract stiff penalties. Contacting an experienced attorney can help you reduce your license’s points and even stop license suspension.

Driving while intoxicated

Driving under intoxication is a criminal offense in Westwood NJ. If arrested, you will be subjected to a blood alcohol concentration test. If it hits more than 0.08%, DWI charges will be pressed against you. Penalties of DWI include:

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  • Fines
  • Jail term
  • Ignition interlock
  • Probation
  • Mandatory alcohol training

An experienced municipal attorney can help build a strong defense against such charges to lessen the penalties or avoid them altogether.

Driving without insurance

Automobile insurance is mandatory in Westwood NJ. So, driving without one can get you arrested and charged by Motor Vehicle Commission. Common penalties associated with driving without an insurance cover include:

  • Monetary fines
  • Suspension
  • Increased insurance premiums

Therefore, it is vital to get an experienced municipal attorney in Westwood NJ to represent you in court.

Suspended and revoked driving license

Driving with a revoked or suspended driving license is illegal. It can land you in big trouble. Some of the consequences of driving with such a license include:

  • Fines
  • Further suspension

If you have been arrested by police with a revoked license, you need to contact a municipal lawyer to represent you in court for lesser fines.

Driving without a license

In Westwood NJ, all drivers are required to have a valid driving license so that they can enjoy all driving privileges. Driving without one is a criminal offense, which can attract the following penalties:

  • Fines
  • License suspension

To help you out, hire an experienced attorney with in-depth knowledge of municipal laws.

Professional municipal attorney in Westwood NJ

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