Do you need a Thunder Buddy?

When you’re younger, toys seem so much more impressive- that action figure feels like it could be a real superhero with incredible powers and superhuman skill, your bike feels like it can break the sound barrier if you pedal fast enough and your teddy bear? Well, your teddy bear keeps you safe, it’s a real Thunder Buddy to keep you safe when the storm outside is raging. As you get older your old toys end up getting replaced with more grown up ones, you end up playing on slot machines, getting fast cars that are way faster than your bike ever was and your old Thunder Buddy ends up stored in your closet and never seen again… but that storm outside sounds awful loud. Do you think you’re really ready to let go of your old Thunder Buddy? Well, take this quiz and let’s see how you do, it should help you work out if you’re really ready to let go.