New Year, New You: How to Be Healthy

It has been recently reported that 63% of women and 77% of men are overweight in the UK.Many people are also starting to worry as this could reflect on the children’s state of health. It has been said that men need to aim for 2,500 calories a day and 2,000 for women; however, people are reconsidering this as many have decided to eat more and move a lot less.

There are many tips and advice online on how to eat fit and healthy, and many people take this up in January but this often doesn’t last very long. If you would like a new healthy start to the new year then it is vital you follow the tips and advice.

Health Tips

  • There are plenty of healthy diets and workouts which you’re able to do.Some people choose clean eating and some people choose cutting down on their calorie intake – all healthy if it’s done right. Not only is it vital to eat healthily but exercise can maximise your results, make sure you choose a diet and workout which suits your needs or it can quickly get boring.


  • Water is the key to losing weight and being healthy, many people say you’re supposed to drink at least 2 litres a day. Not only does this boost your energy levels and hydrate you when you exercise but contains minerals which help you lose weight.
  • Having a fitness buddy can help tremendously, if you can see someone trying to become healthier and lose weight, you are more likely become more motivated than if you were doing it on your own.
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables can encourage you to eat healthier meals.Many people opt for growing using hydroponics, this is because you’re able to grow all year-round and it has been said that hydroponically grown food tastes remarkably better. If you would like to grow your own food hydroponically then consider buying a grow tent pro.
  • Picking music to work out to can give you a real boost in movement and motivation.This is because you often will become more motivated especially with upbeat tunes which help toencourage youto move more. However, some people also find relaxing music a go to when exercising, so it all depends on your personal preference really.
  • Have more frequent meals and smaller portions, this can help when trying to cut your calories down. However, if you’re someone who struggles with having smaller portions then using a smaller plate can help. This way it looks like you’re having more than you actually are.
  • Don’t feel frustrated if you have indulged in a cheat meal, it is totally normal. Nothing is more annoying than when you limit yourself to only eating healthy meals and it can actually discourage you. Soallow yourself to have a cheat meal.

Take these tips on board and start your health journey today!