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Nick Bell’s Road to Success – Everything You Need to Know about the Serial Entrepreneur

Seven years ago, Nick Bell had no more than $400 in his bank account when he began his home-based SEO Company. For Bell, Web Marketing Experts was his last crack. Currently, WMEemploys 150 people and has a turnover of $20 million. The company has offices in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Last May, a branch was opened in China and a new one is to be opened in Thailand in October.

After working at a recruitment company, Bell went off to start his own business at the age of 24. He created SkinB5, which was skincare business that promoted a tablet that controlled acne. Bell learned much about SEO from SkinB5 as it was an online business. When he turned 27, Bell wanted to start his own digital marketing agency.

Although he had no funding, he was determined to make it work. So, he built himself a website for $250 and started to make random cold calls. Once he got a few customers, he began to reinvest every dollar he earned into the business. Even though his mother was not entirely supportive of this venture, Bell believed that he can do it by himself.

When he got a $10,000 cheque from a client for his work, he immediately reinvested it in his business by opening a real office and hiring his first employee. Although SEO was his primary product, over the years Bell began to cater various other digital marketing products to his customers.

Bell believes that he has to like the people that he works with. Only then, he thinks, that it will be possible to establish a level of trust between co-workers. His experience in the recruitment industry has enabled him to understand and read people better.

Bell also gives a great deal of importance to competitiveness within the industry. Since the entry point into this market is quite low, the competition is very high, he says. Therefore, the sense of urgency is paramount to the business.

Four years ago, Bell launched his own app development company “Appscore”, which is currently booming and is available in many countries.

Bell doesn’t believe in business plans. He likes to be flexible and goes with his gut instincts. He believes that you must surround yourself with intellectual and creative minds who are genuinely interested in the company.

Finally, Bell recommends his fellow entrepreneurs to always be in on the game. He advises them to be a perfectionist and always deliver what they promise.

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