Is It Okay For Women To Have Steroids?

From the moment I started consuming steroids, there were a lot of changes in my body. When I workout at the gym, even men stare at the muscles that I have. No doubt I am not bulky, but my lean muscles ensure to attract the right kind of crowd to me. All the fitness freaks come to me to take suggestions on how I have such muscles and what’s my secret. Even men approach me to find out what I do to get all the muscles that I have.

My secret is nothing but steroids; the 22-kDa HGH half life! Of course it takes a long time for steroids to dissolve in the body, but that doesn’t mean that they all have side effects on women. You have to take certain precautions, improve your diet and do a lot of things to avoid the ill effects. I have been following a strict diet pattern along with the steroid supplements that I take. Trust me, I have been using steroids since quite a few months now, but I have not gone through any ill effects and this is only because I have been very particular about the dosage.

If you ask me whether it is good for women to consume steroids or not, I say that it is completely okay and it depends upon the lady. If you are a woman and you want a bulkier body, you know that there are a lot of limitations that you have to face. In order to kick off the limits of your body and get immense strength to workout at the gym, you have to focus on buying and using steroids. Now it doesn’t matter if you consume the tablets or take the injections, all that matters is that you use steroids for your desired shape.

You might want to take the opinion of women who are into the consumption of steroids. Visit a good online forum where people talk about bodybuilding and ask the question whether a woman can consume steroids for a bulkier and better body. You are going to get amazing answers because you are not the first woman to think of consuming steroids for a better shape of your body; there are thousands of women who are already taking steroids and are very happy with the effective and quick results of the product.