How to organise your home workshop

Whether you use it for work or pleasure, your home workshop should be well organized. This will make it a more pleasant space and boost your productivity.



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Component drawers

Whether you’re a jeweller, an electrician or a carpenter, a good set of component drawers can make life so much easier. Not only does it enable you to separate small items such as nails, clips, and beads so that you know where they are, but it will also mean you can easily see when you are running low on something. Make sure you buy one that comes with labels so you can label the drawers. Another great benefit of these drawers is that you can usually pull each one out entirely when you need to have a good root around in it.


Keep a small, miscellaneous parts box

It is natural that your workshop will be home to miscellaneous parts that have no obvious home. In many instances, you will not want to chuck these out. The trick here is to give them a home, but not a big or permanent one. This means when the box gets full or once every six months to a year, you should go through it and make a decision on whether the contents really have value to you. Clutter is as much of an enemy of the workshop as it is the home.



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Sturdy shelving

The best shelving for your workshop needs to be sturdy, durable and designed for this sort of space. Ideally, you will want to opt for pallet racking like that found at This kind of shelving may be designed for pallets. but it is versatile and strong enough to hold tools, boxes and pretty much anything you want.

Tapes and cables

Keep your tapes and cables together and easily accessible using handmade dispensers. Rolls of different types of tapes can be hung on a rope. Cables and ties can be placed along a large wooden dowel set into a dispenser resembling a toilet roll or a kitchen roll holder. This makes it much easier to take what you need when you need it.

An organised workshop is a happy one, and once you get it sorted, you’ll find yourself working faster and more efficiently than ever before.