Pack & Gift Chocolates The Pro Way

There is almost no one in the world who doesn’t love chocolates. Chocolates are an all-rounder and there is not a single occasion on which they cannot be given as a gift. Whether it is valentine, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other occasion, chocolates never go wasted.

These beautiful delicacies can be bloomed in their charm if they are packed in the manner which suits their worth. In this article you will learn amazing ideas on how you can pack your chocolates in different type Custom Printed Gift Boxes at your home.


In tissue box

Tissue boxes are something that is present in every household. You will definitely have one in your dining room as well. Don’t waste it when it is empty but use it to decorate it and make a gifting box out of it to pack chocolates for your friend’s birthday. Wrap around a beautiful paper wrap around the box and glue up a picture of you and your friend on the box. Viola! Your custom box is ready.

In a wooden pen box

You can make a gifting box out of an empty pen box that you found in your father’s library. He will be amazed at your thoughtfulness when you will gift him chocolates it the same box on his promotion. To make it look more for him, turn it in to a custom packaging by engraving his name in to it.

In a round biscuit can

So your special one is a die heart lover of Ferrero Rocher and you want to make this gift more special for her. Turn your round biscuit tin box into a box to pack the chocolates for your loved one. Cover her with her favorite color paper wrap or make a paper wrap from a collage of your pictures. It will be the most precious gift she will ever receive with a packing so heart warming

Frame box

Frame boxes are a bit wide and broad in size so they are more easily turned into pack boxes because you can easily place a picture about it while packing a gift in it. It will be a suitable box when you are planning to gift the big sized Dairy milk to your sister on her graduation. Click her graduation picture and wrap the box with it. She will feel so encouraged on receiving such a gift.

There are so many ways in which simple things can be used which we usually waste as trash. Customizable boxes can be created at home as well by just a little creativity. You can do it too and add up to the ideas.