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Procedure for Successful Garage Door Opener Installation

There are two reasons why you may be considering a garage door opener installation.  The first is that your current opener has failed and is beyond repair.  If you are able to source the same type of opener this should be a fairly simple job as you can bolt one off and the other on.

The second reason to do a garage door opener installation is if you are looking to upgrade your existing door opener.

There are three types of electronic door openers:

  1. Chain driven – These use a chain; are generally the loudest systems but also the cheapest.
  2. Screw driven – These are considered the mid range version; for sound and price.
  3. Belt driven – The smoothest and quietest version but also the most expensive.

Before you start your garage door opener installation you should, consider contacting Smart Care Garage Doors; they can offer a fast and friendly service at a very good price.  They will also prevent you from getting stressed as you complete a garage door opener installation project.

If you do decide to do this project yourself then you should follow these steps:


You should check the springs before you start your garage door opener installation.  They should be worn equally.  If they are not then there is an imbalance in your door and you must correct this before the opener is fitted.  If you do not you will place an unnecessary strain on your opener and are likely to break it.

It is worth noting that these springs are held in place under tension; you will need the assistance of a professional to replace them.


As part of the above step you should also check that the door feels balanced.  Simply lift the door half way up and then let it go.  It should not move in any direction.   If it does then you will need to look at which part is not aligned properly.  If it slides straight down then there is an issue with the springs which must be rectified.


As mentioned you will need to decide the right opener for your needs and budget.  Once you have this available you should position a ladder under the end of the central rail.  You can then stand wood on the ladder before placing the opener unit in the right position.

It is best to keep the door in an open position whilst doing this; a simple wedge will be enough to make sure it stays open.

You can then bolt your opener to your track; but keep its weight supported.

The next step in your garage door opener installation is to measure the difference between the opener and your ceiling.  Although there are mounting straps included in with your opener you will find that you opener is better supported by using metal cut to size.

A good piece of angle iron bolted to the ceiling will allow you to create down pieces to attach to your opener.  If there is any sideways movement in the opener then use diagonal brace bars to complete the job.


You can then make sure all the garage door parts are back in place; connect the electricity to your opener unit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding first use.  Run the door up and down several times to ensure it works smoothly before congratulating yourself on a well done garage door opener installation!