Proper Engagement Party Etiquette

As soon as a couple decides they are ready to settle down for good with one another by getting engaged, they often become so busy with all the different steps involved in the wedding planning process. Due to their busy schedules, they may not even think about organising an engagement party, but lots of different couples do still have these parties because their loved ones tend to throw the parties for them. If you are newly engaged, there are different things to know when it comes to engagement party etiquette.

The Host

The host of the engagement party is usually not either one of the individuals who are getting married to one another. In fact, it is usually not appropriate for the engaged couple to plan out such a party. Most of the time, someone else is involved in the planning of such a party, such as a parent or close friend. Usually, the parents will plan out everything from the venue of the engagement party right down to the mint julep cups for toasting the occasion and surprise the newly engaged couple.

If you are the one who is now engaged, you should not just expect someone to throw this type of party for you but someone you love and truly care about may choose to do so to honour this amazing moment.

Some people even end up having multiple engagement parties. It usually happens when the couple has relatives and friends from different states or even different countries. They may want to plan out their own party if they are unable to attend the first one.

When to Have the Party

Deciding when to have the party is ultimately up to the person who is planning it, but it is often best to have it shortly after the engagement is announced. It does not make much sense to have it directly before the wedding because the bride and groom will often have their own events with their friends and then the wedding reception will take place where everyone can get together to celebrate. There are some people who choose to have it months in advance because that gives friends and family time to celebrate the engagement before celebrating the actual nuptials that will eventually occur.

Who Gets an Invite?

While there is no limit when it comes to inviting people to the engagement party, most couples prefer to keep things small by inviting the people they are closest with instead of inviting everyone that is getting an invitation to the wedding. It is a much more enjoyable and intimate experience when a small group of people gather together to celebrate the engagement. No matter who is planning the event, they should make sure that all the right people are invited to keep others from feeling like they have been left out of something important.

Are Gifts a Necessity?

Gifts are certainly not a necessity during an engagement party. It is considered rude to assume that your guests should bring a gift to this event. If they want to bring something special for you and your partner, there is nothing wrong with accepting that special gift. However, do not attend the party with the expectation of getting a bunch of stuff from your loved ones because that is not the sole purpose of an engagement party.

You do not have to go out of your way to purchase favours for the engagement party because they are completely optional. However, some people do like to have them during this type of event. The person who plans this event for you and your partner may want to make his or her own favours or purchase some favours that people can hold onto as a keepsake to remind them of the engagement and the good times spent with loved ones.