The Proper Way To Give A Baptism Gift

Throughout the years, people have celebrated baptisms with a variety of different keepsakes and mementos. The most traditional baptism gifts are also some of the most simple. For instance, people often give spoons and cups made of silver, porringers, which are special bowls that are designed for porridge, or other types of utensils. Typically, these items are etched or engraved with both the name of the baby and the name of the person giving the gift.

At What Stage Of The Baptism Should Gifts Be Given?

Every church has its own rules regarding how baptisms are conducted. Some are open to everyone, allowing all of the family members and close acquaintances of the child and their family to attend. Others, however, limit the attendance to only the closest family members and the godparents. A good way to find out whether or not you should attend the actual baptism is by asking the parents of the child. Even if the baptism is not open to everyone, there should be a get-together or reception afterward that you can attend. Typically, baptism gifts should be given during the reception rather than at the church. Alternatively, you can also give the gift to the parents ahead of time at their own home.

The Role Of The Child’s Godparents

Gift giving is a little bit more complicated for the child’s godparents. Not only do they give a gift to the child but they also get a gift of their own.

The gifts that the godparents receive come from the parents of the child who is being baptized. These gifts are a symbol of how much they appreciate the willingness of the godparents to help.

The godparents themselves also give gifts to the child. This symbolizes their willingness to commit to the act of mentoring them as they get older.

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to appropriate gifts, godparents traditionally give the child engraved silver items. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a godparent, it is important to put careful thought into choosing the right gift. After all, the gift that you give the baby will probably be cherished for many decades to come and may even be handed down through the generations. Consider having a heartfelt message or an inspiring quote engraved on the gift.

What Are Some Good Gift Ideas?

With something informal like a baby shower, pretty much anything goes when it comes to gifts. With the baptism, however, gifts are generally expected to be religious in nature. If you aren’t familiar with the faith of the family, you may want to opt for a gift that is inspirational instead of faith-based. Otherwise, without a full understanding of the child’s faith, you may inadvertently choose the wrong type of gift.

A better option is to look for inspirational gifts that are sentimental or meaningful in nature. For instance, you could choose a beautiful picture frame, a religious-themed figurine, a salisbury pewter gift or a book that centers around the child’s faith.

Alternatively, you can also look into getting gifts that the child can actually use. For instance, a hand-knit baby blanket, a special outfit, or a pair of beautifully made booties would make a great gift. Of course, money is also always welcome.

If you are skilled with your hands, nothing is more meaningful than a gift that you made for the child yourself. Imagine how much they would appreciate a hand-crocheted blanket or a beautiful bonnet that you made specifically for them. These handcrafted pieces can become heirlooms that are handed down through the years.

Money is generally considered acceptable as a gift for a baptism. This is a time when parents are thinking about their child’s future. Giving savings bonds or other types of long-term investments can be a good way to start setting the child up for a better life.

An Overview Of Appropriate Baptism Gifts

For the most part, baptism gifts are expected to be inspired by religion. Unlike the general gifts that you may find at a baby shower, baptism gifts are usually more meaningful and inspirational. If you aren’t sure what to give, it is worth browsing through a list of gift ideas to get some inspiration. Fortunately, the Internet has made that easier than ever. All that you have to do is browse through some of the many religious websites available to find some incredibly meaningful gifts that you can give.