Putting Fake Turf in Concrete- What You Should Know?

Surprisingly, laying synthetic grass into permanent surfaces like concrete is so easy. This mainly involves placing it bluntly so you can cut it into the right shape, rolling it out and sticking it down. What’s great about utilizing a permanent surface such as patios, timber deck and concrete paving is that you don’t need to work hard just make the surface flat in laying the synthetic grass.3

What do you need to keep in mind?

  • Make sure that there are no bigger spaces between patio tiles, paving slabs or even decking planks. If there’s anything there which is larger than .5 inch, then it may cause sagging synthetic grass especially over time right under footfall. When you’ve create gaps within the surface, you have to fill them through quick dry cement.
  • Ensure a free of debris and neat surface. Though this is really not necessary but it is much better if you will give it a sweep before laying your synthetic grass. As much as possible, remove all the ice and snow from the deck to be rest assured of a level finish and long lasting synthetic lawn.
  • When you opt to stick it to a concrete surface, you shouldn’t forget to leave gaps for drainage every .5 foot within the perimeter. Since paving and concrete is less porous, water should have a place to run off. What you can do is glue around within the perimeter to avoid that. Fret not because the synthetic grass itself could slow down the drainage as it holds the water on the matting even without waterlogging. Thus, only few of the drainage gaps on the glue are essential.3
  • Don’t trust any fly-by night artificial grass supplier. Chances are, they will provide unreliable products and services.  Instead, do a little research. Get the best one in your town along with the best removalists Ryde you’ve known. Ask for referrals from your relatives and compare their prices.
  • Finally, you must also consider to trip danger especially if you are laying synthetic grass into your driveway, path or patio. You could find some grass rising from 15 mm to 40 mm right above the surface area, which greatly depends on your chosen artificial grass. Add diminishing strips on the place that could avoid any trips. But if you have inclination or time, you may simply add simple border to your artificial grass area.

Through these things, you can transform your perimeter into a completely new place you’ve never been into. Putting synthetic grass into concrete is absolutely a terrific and low maintenance solution which will become any surface to an excellent looking lawn.

Create Now Your New Outdoor Space!

There are times of the year that our climate is really conducive to conduct outdoor activity. Why don’t you try to use that synthetic lawn around your patio for an extended entertainment area? Do you have super naughty kids?  Then try to make up creative activities to entertain (as well as distract) them!

Plus, you don’t need to worry about mowing your real grass again. For you to maximize its look, you can simply rake or broom the place monthly to keep it look tidy and neat. So hurry up and get your free fake turf measure quote in Sydney now!