Retain Your Gym Membership With These Locker Room Etiquettes And Cleanliness Tips

A gym is the place where you sweat it out and grunt and growl as you try to lift weights and build muscles. A very rugged and rough image comes across your mind where manners do not find a place. But this is far from the truth. You can workout like an animal there but definitely not act like one else you might be at the risk of losing your membership.

It is also one of the busiest times at the gym with the year coming to an end and many dusting off the cobwebs and dust gathered on their old gym clothes and renewing their gym membership as part of their new year resolution to get back into shape. The one area in a gymnasium where there is a lot of hustle bustle and where a few etiquettes as well as cleaning tips would be welcome is the locker room and the custom locker you especially got for yourself along with the

So following are some tips to clean up your gym lockers as well as follow certain etiquettes while at the gym.

Tips to clean the locker

  • Remove everything from within

Over a period of time the lockers get stuffed with gym clothes, bags, old papers and pamphlets and a lot of other paraphernalia which will be pushed to the back. Then segregate the things into three different categories, one of all the things to be kept inside the locker, one pile of things that need to be discarded and the last of all the things that are meant either be returned or taken back home with you.

  • Clean the locker surface and arrange everything systematically

Once you have segregated the items, the next step is to clean the locker with detergent and water using a sponge or wet cloth. After thoroughly cleaning the locker and ensuring it’s dry, arrange the things systematically with clothes and gym bags hanging on the hooks, shoes on the lower shelves and tiny objects in a smaller locker or basket which has a magnetic lock (in case of valuables).

  • Dispose the trash carefully and periodically clean the lockers

While discarding the unwanted things make sure to check that any important items are not thrown in the trash by mistake. Also, make sure to discard the trash instead of keeping it lying around, eating up the space meant for everyone. Additionally try to keep things in place and routinely clean the lockers thus saving you from having to handle a mess eventually.

Locker room etiquettes to follow

Gym locker rooms are a busy place with people changing into their shoes and workout clothes, showering or keeping their bags. There are some etiquettes to be followed in here, such as-

  • Not keep your things lying around, thus making less place for others and causing inconvenience
  • Not talking on the phone loudly or for long as this can disturb others, especially those who wish to seek privacy or their own space
  • Taking quick showers and cleaning up behind you to avoid unpleasantness to others
  • Avoiding moving around naked or even semi-nude.
  • Maintaining basic hygiene, but not considering the space as your personal room where nails can be trimmed or bangs can be cut

Following these cleanliness tips and basic courtesies and manners will definitely make you a favorite among everyone at the gym.