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Scaffold Tower and Mobile Scaffolding: a complete guide

Scaffold Tower: The Perfect Design

At Mario Orlando & Figli, you get the most beautiful designs in Italy. Mario Orlando & Figli provides the perfect mobile scaffolding, so if you are looking to have a scaffold tower delivered, it is your lucky day. All products are designed exquisitely and with the ultimate craft in mind.

The Orlando modular frame is mobile tubular scaffolding. It is used in building the scaffold tower. It can be used to work in a variety of industries, including plant engineering, renovation, maintenance, gardening, moving house, and many other areas that require this exquisite level of scaffolding.

This frame is easy to love. It has nine components to it, which are designed with care at Mario Orlando & Figli. You can purchase this component in either painted or zinc-coated versions, and it also comes with wheels, making mobility a key component to its wonderful design.

This is the perfect design to get for your scaffold tower. If you work in any of the aforementioned areas, you’ll be sure to appreciate that you can make use of this type of design, and Mario Orlando & Figli can ship this item to you relatively quickly, and it comes from Italy, so this is especially convenient for Europeans.

However, Mario Orlando & Figli wants to work with a variety of people from around the world, and we have many international customers. So, if you live outside of Europe, know that you can purchase your scaffold tower with ease, and you will likely be the envy of the neighborhood for having done so.

Mario Orlando & Figli has been in business for decades to help you find the designs you need, and we make all designs to be especially useful to those who need them. So, look at ordering parts for a scaffold tower, and let us help you make your mark.