Sega Rally 3 Review

Sega Rally 3 is possibly the easiest game from the show to describe to you all, as it is essentially a slightly stripped down (i.e made ‘arcade friendly’) port of the Xbox 360 and PS3 game Sega Rally Revo.  So, if you know Sega Rally Revo, you should know how most of the game played.

The game is running off the same engine, looks pretty much the same (though I have a feeling the console versions might be slightly graphically superior), it has the same tracks (or at least the ones I played were the same) and the same selection of cars (though perhaps fewer).

What is different is that you are sitting in front of a nice arcade cabinet, playing the game on a rather large screen, sitting in a driving seat that moves with the game and the game includes the original Desert track from the original Sega Rally! Yippee!

Anyway, the game features three game modes; Championship, Quick Race and Classic.  Championship takes you through a series of races, using the same tracks from Revo.  Quick Race, as you might have guessed, allows you to play through one of the races at your choice.  Classic, as I suggested already, lets you play the original Sega Rally game.

I’m not sure if the game features all the original tracks from Sega Rally, as I only got a chance to play the Desert track, after which I was taken back to the title screen, and then had to leave it because of a queue building up behind me.  So, I didn’t get a chance to double check if the other tracks were available.

But it was one of my best-loved experiences at the show.  Sega Rally is still my all-time favourite racing game and one of a very small selection of racers that I have been able to play over and over (and over) and never get bored of it.


~There is also a smaller cabinet, without moving seats~

The Desert track that I raced on was a remake of the original arcade track, meaning it had better visuals (though not as good as the Revo tracks) and some of the scenery has been updated/changed a bit. But ultimately it was the same race, using the two original cars from the game; Celica and Delta – the bonus car wasn’t there unfortunately.

Anyway, back to the bulk of the game.  As I said, this is basically a stripped-down version of Sega Rally Revo, the game plays very much the same.   It seems kind of silly for Sega to release an arcade game based on a console title, and keeping so many things the same.

I’m guessing that as Sega Rally Revo didn’t sell too well (damn you all), Sega felt that not enough people had played it and this arcade version should prove to be a new experience for many gamers.

Whatever the case, the arcade game is still very fun, especially now you have a proper, moving arcade seat to add to the experience.  The only question is whether you enjoyed playing Sega Rally Revo.  If not, you may not enjoy this much.  But there is always the Classic mode to get your teeth into.

If you don’t own a Dreamcast console, then you might want to consider downloading a Dreamcast emulator. These are very useful and allow you to play many of the classic games that were available for the console, such as Sega Rally 3. Over all, this is fun game that you should check out.