Services Offered by Regina Plumbing

Regina Plumbing firm Smile Heating & Cooling is a Canadian based firm which is a relative newcomer to the plumbing industry.  However, its founder is not.  Genadi Kahanovich has been working in the gas, electric and heating trades for nearly fifteen years.  Originally from Israel he is now fully qualified and approved to supply heating and plumbing services in Canada.

The name is simply derived from the service offered and the location of its office.  Regina Plumbing operates locally and is dedicated to providing the very best service and advice to every customer.  The firm wants every customer to have a satisfied smile after dealing with them.

You can find out more about this Regina plumbing firm by visiting Smile Heating & Cooling.

As with most plumbing firms, there are a variety of services available:

Furnace Work

The furnace is, in many ways, the heart of your home.  In the winter it is essential to provide you with the heat you need to make the most of your house.  To ensure it is working to the best of its ability it is essential to have it regularly inspected and maintained.  This Regina plumbing firm offer just that!  They will do annual furnace inspections, or on demands inspections.  They will also clean your furnace to ensure it is working at peak efficiency.  If any damage is spotted they will provide you with a detailed report and can undertake the repairs; with your agreement.

If your furnace is no longer working correctly or you have simply decided it is time to upgrade then this Regina Plumbing company can assist you with choosing the best product for your home and installing it.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning units are just as valuable in the summer as your furnace is in the winter.  It is important to keep them well maintained.  If you do not, it is likely that they will break when you need them the most!

This Regina plumbing firm will inspect and provide any repairs necessary to your air conditioning units.  If repairs are not possible, you require a new unit or you would like an additional unit then the firm will help you to locate the right one for your needs.  They will then install it properly for you.

Water heater

Your water heater is often underappreciated but you will quickly want it working if it breaks and you have no hot water!  It is advisable to have this Regina plumbing firm check your water heater annually.  Basic maintenance can prevent an issue from arising.  However, if a repair is needed this can be done quickly and effectively.

They will also install a new water heater if appropriate.

Other services include anything heating related; such as a garage heater or even gas lines for your stove or barbeque.

This is one Regina plumbing firm which is not only happy to help but invaluable to know.  They will provide a fast response when needed and a first class service; every time.  You should contact them now to discuss your options.